Twitter Media Studio : Crisis on the border. Dems won’t help us change the law.

And Dem comments make it worse:

-Free healthcare for illegal immigrants
-Detention facilities are “concentration camps”
-Walls are immoral
-Abolish ICE
-Abolish DHS
-Borderless hemisphere
-Okay with noncitizens voting

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iPhone : Dems finally agree that there’s a crisis on the border after saying it was “manufactured” for months.

But when the President announces necessary asylum changes to help fix the crisis, the Left loses their mind.

Twitter Media Studio : Switching it up a bit — now we have a Zach Parise, Jordan Greenway, Devan Dubnyk & Jared Spurgeon set of autographed pucks. RT to enter.

One random winner.

#mnwild | #NationalGiveSomethingAwayDay

Android : BMW menjadi salah satu pabrikan yang gencar dikaitkan dengan mobil baru Presiden. Apakah BMW akan dijadikan mobil dinas baru untuk Presiden? #BMW #mobilbarupresiden

via detikoto…

iPhone : Rep. Jim Jordan This country will slide downhill and quickly if ANY of these socialist policies are enacted. I am old enough to remember a time when the subject of socialism would have been laughed at. Now I am scared to death it is a serious discussion. Trust me, we will all be poor.

iPhone : I remembered some Ahole shouting that out during Obama’s State of the Union speech.

I wonder which GOP braintrust couldn’t control himself.

My monies on either Gym Jordan or Matty Gaetz.

Who do you think it was? 🤔…

Android : #CrisisCicig | Jordan Rodas dice que espera que la CC ortorgue el amparo en definitiva para que se deje sin efecto alguno ese acto -el cese del mandato de la Cicig-, esa aberración legal del presidente Jimmy Morales. ►

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