Twitter Web App : There's a metaphor here, I think:
Massive flooding strands UK shoppers in a shopping mall overnight, where they're forced to buy blankets to sleep on the food court tables…

iPhone : 🚨 #Meadowhall #Sheffield

All roads around Meadowhall are currently gridlocked.

There is heavy flooding due to adverse weather conditions and closures are in place. Please avoid the area.

Events at Meadowhall are CANCELLED.

*We advise only essential travel*

SocialFlow : Do not leave Meadowhall - South Yorkshire Police warning after flooding leaves roads around shopping centre gridlocked:

Hootsuite Inc. : A replacement bus service for the Yellow route between Meadowhall Interchange (Stand D2) and Tinsley (bus stop adjacent to The Source) will operate from 6am today. The bus will be operated by TM Travel.

iPhone : 📍Chaobaby, Meadowhall #รีวิวอังกฤษ
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iPhone : South Yorkshire McDonalds by tier

God :-

Good :-

Crap :-

Android : Jeremy Corbyn I know. The Xmas lights got cancelled at Meadowhall and people had to buy their own bedding. And we think our soldiers have it bad. Not to mention people who live in the 3rd world. Another cheap shot…

iPhone : Lush employees when meadowhall floods

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