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JP Morgan hired kids of Chinese elite with ZERO experience—paying them huge salaries to win business contracts

The Obama Administration fined them $264M for what they called "corruption, plain & simple"

Why didn't those same standards apply to Hunter Biden?


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I can only conclude Prince Andrew’s refusal to talk to the FBI about his paedophile pal Epstein is because he’s a snivelling coward with something to hide. The Queen should make him face the music.

Sprout Social : “Hold on with this hope: Tomorrow can still be beautiful despite all you do not know.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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iPhone : This Bronny alley-oop got LeBron on his feet 👏

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iPhone : 2 tickets for sale to Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen, & Riley Green in Biloxi!! Message me if ya interested. 😉

iPhone : i remember when every girl on this planet used to think mullets were the ugliest thing...

then Morgan Wallen happened and y’all went apeshit