Twitter Media Studio : My message to Mr. Blanchet, who attacked Albertas energy industry this morning, which pays heavily into Quebecs $13 billion of equalization:

You cant have your cake and eat it too; its time to pick a lane.…

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iPhone : The best part is Tucker trying to relate to Don Cherry by fondly discussing...Quebec…

TweetDeck : Nothing worse than seeing a welfare bum decrying the source of the charity upon which they depend.

Yes, I am speaking of Quebec.

Just leave.

Twitter Web App : B)Secesión
El secesionismo es reversible en urnas: Québec. #Procés/Cat/goebbelsiano ha fracasado en imponer secesión. Pierdan fanáticos Gob.regional y subvenciones.
#España #PSOE #PP #Vox #UP #Cs #MP #Sánchez #Casado #Abascal #Iglesias #PostRivera #Errejón…

Twitter Web App : Trudeau has NEVER cared about the west! He hates them! He stated years ago Quebec is where its all at! He will bail out his criminal buddies in Quebec (Bombardier and SNC) but screw the west!

Bell: Trudeau, head out to real-world Wheatland County…

Android : Scribulatora I'd love to see a movement of teachers, nurses etc. in Quebec starting a new fashion of wearing "scarves". I remember the power of the Yvette movement and their pots & spoons.

Android : Michelle Rempel Garner 'Just one Quebec cement plant will emit 1.8-2.2 million T of GHGs/year, which will rival, if not exceed, emissions associated with Energy East pipeline and dwarf emissions from Shell's Fort McMurray oil sands project.'…

Android : " Ça. Le jour où QS fait la morale au Simon Jolin-Barrette en l’accusant d’amateurisme et de bâcler son travail!

Ça ne s’invente pas. "


Twitter Web Client : Quebec youth protection agency's problematic software played role in child's death, report finds | CBC News… #Quebec #family #children #youth #DPJ

Android : Some people
come into your life
and you just know
you’ll never be able
to replace them
if they left...


สถานที่: Quebec, Canada
#AsSceneFromHere #winter

iPhone : Appel à candidatures | Jeunes professionnel.le.s des arts de la #scène et de l’industrie du #spectacle, faites un doublé et participez à la 9e Bis 2020 en janvier 2020 ET à la Bourse RIDEAU à Québec en février.
📅 Date limite : 30/11/2019 👉