iPhone : Met these ol boys Saturday morning in TTown. They hopped a plane from their home city — Dublin, Ireland — because they “just had to see” the Alabama Football spectacle in-person.
I also met a couple from England who were there on their honeymoon. Same reason.
Tide is Worldwide.

Media Studio : Ferocious winds caused this flight to abort a landing at Birmingham Airport in England, turning the plane sideways and keeping it airborne only feet above the ground. The plane successfully landed 15 minutes later. cnn.it/2xBaxtg

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Android : Is this Make in India?

Rafale - France
Bullet Train - Japan
Sardar Statue - China
10 Lakh Suit - England
Smart Cities - Sweden
JIO Phones - China
Bullet Proof Car - Germany
Make in India Logo - Switzerland
Sun Glasses - Italy

The only thing Made in India is :


Twitter Web Client : SO excited (and a little nervous) to be co-hosting the #DianaAwardNorth on 28th September! 💁🏽‍♂️
A day to celebrate selfless young humanitarians from across the north of England. Follow The Diana Award on the day to be inspired by young people changing the world! 👏🏾

iPhone : Also on this historical day The Doors Performed at The Isle of Wight Festival in England 1970, over 600,000 people which was there largest audience that they ever performed to. #TheDoors

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iPhone : hi um yeah not when you live in new england and you can barely be outside for two seconds with getting hypothermia and all the snow is plowed so it looks all gross. the only good part about winter is christmas twitter.com/xvvvier/status…

iPhone : Feeling inspired having attended one of @TommyNTour sessions Barts Health this week? Then do come along & support our #makeadifference #Lead2Add Twitter Chat with Tommy on Mon 1 Oct 8pm! A great way to grow the conversation, share ideas & inspire others bit.ly/2NSUsbE

iPhone : so everyone talked about avril lavigne’s possible uhhh “replacement”. but why did paul mccartney never came up? like that’s one of the biggest conspiracies of all time. gosh i hope the queen of england doesn’t see this, she might kill me

iPhone : Hi BBC,

Three soldiers failed the drug test, and two of their identities were kept secret.

Selectively revealing and shaming one of them — and highlighting his religious identity — is a form of bias.

Please correct your reporting and issue an apology.

Android : Mpho Letsholonyane Modrić has always been underrated. From his days in England to Spain. He is the greatest Middlefield and a living legend. People we must stop to be blinded by Messi and Ronaldo. And as for Croatia to final it was a collective play not him alone but showed great leadership role