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South Korea 🇰🇷 built this bike lane covered by solar panels. Cyclists are isolated from traffic, protected from the sun, and produces cleanenergy at the same time! Brilliant!

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iPhone : 🧐 Mystery SOLVED! The lovely girls visited Haji Lane today! Did you spot them on there? Tell us where shld they visit in #SINGAPORE? #ITZYSHOWCASEINSG #ITZYINSG

iPhone : If you stay consistent and create your own lane you can win. Your time will come, just believe in the process and ignore naysayers. The amount of negativity I’ve had to ignore has been because I knew what I was capable of.

Twitter Web App : Everyone must use the Left Turn lane to get around this crash and the emergency crews: twitter.com/KSLHeatherKell…

iPhone : Is Dan Mullen a top 5 active coach? Does Lane Kiffin swing the state of Mississippi to Ole Miss? @RivalsMike, Adam Gorney play Fact or Fiction rvls.co/FactFiction1212

iPhone : Simple Creatures is about to break up because I believe that the Last Jedi’s “just hyperspace yourself into a Star Destroyer” plotline is ridiculous, while Alex’s dumb ass is like no it’s because they have a tracker and they drive in same lane but only just now in this movie.

iPhone : I always wanted to have a big personal reach on social media so I could say this:

If you’re not keeping up with the cars in front of you, get out of the left lane‼️

The left lane is the passing lane. Don’t get mad or play games when somebody tries to pass you, just move over.

Twitter Web App : .Neal McCready and I discuss the start of the lane kiffin era and where they go from here in recruiting the 2020 class on the soft verbal, presented by DeadSoxy. we also talk about our favorite explorers and the joys of alliteration olemiss.rivals.com/news/the-soft-…

Twitter Web App : If you’re the driver of a silver civic, plate starting with CJ05, who used the sidewalk/J&J parking lot as a lane to skip the right turn line up at Weber and University this morning: hi. I know you didn’t see me, because you nearly killed me. Look before you do illegal things.

Twitter Web App : .Dan Patrick Show interviewing Lane Kiffin. Dan says to Kiffin that Bruce Feldman reported that some at USC were bothered by Coach O's voice in the context of him not getting the job there.

Kiffin: "How's LSU doing? I don't think that voice is bothering anyone."


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