TweetDeck : Alisson Becker, Bobby Firmino, Virgil van Dijk y Mo Salah. Si vas a invertir cantidades significativas, hay que saber hacerlo. En poco tiempo, se han grabado en la historia del Liverpool. FICHAJAZOS.

iPhone : Jaap Stam: “Virgil is a presence. Thats very important as a football player if you want to play in the highest leagues and the biggest clubs. Positioning yourself is very important. In possession but also out of possession because it helps you a lot.“ 🔴

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IFTTT : Don Juan Marichal y “El Orégano” Don Osvaldo Virgil juntos y presentes en lo que resultó ser el evento con la mayor reunión de peloteros dominicanos de Grandes Ligas en la historia. Un evento para la posteridad en el Estadio Quisqueya. Estrellas de todas las generaciones jun…

Android : Goal Chelsea needs two fearless top and quality defenders Chelsea needs like that of Liverpool defender Virgil and one fearless top quality tall disturbing striker, that is all we need at Chelsea now.

Android : Yeeting Mel, Chell, Wheatley and Virgil through the window

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iPhone : Alisson and Virgil. Whats not to love?!

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Android : Alisson and Virgil tonight btw showed yet again their massive worth. I love how Alisson holds onto shots and crosses in tense games. And I absolutely adored how Big Virg came right through Haaland to win every header against him. Behemoth footballers the pair of them.

Twitter Web App : Virgil 😂😂😂😂 #LFC

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iPhone : Virgil Sanders Logan had just retrieved his coffee from the kitchen, and heard heels clicking on the wooden floor from Virgil’s room. Was he practicing for a new cosplay? This was something he had to see! He walked by the room, and looked through the open doorway. Holy shit! +

Twitter Web App : Q imagine being homeless and being fucking ignored like usual. Libs mad.

iPhone : Virgil 😂😂😂😂 #LFC