Twitter Web Client : Trump is not sure whether he wants to take Melania to see Taj Mahal or not but Modi & Yogi have already released water in Yamuna to hide the foul smell of the river in Agra!… via

Android : CAA हिंसा के दौरान दंगाइयों की मौत पर महाराज Yogi Adityanath जी नें कहा है कि अगर कोई मरने के लिए आ ही रहा है तो वो जिंदा कहां से हो जाएगा और हिंसा के दौरान एक भी व्यक्ति पुलिस की गोली लगने से नहीं मरा है।

योगी जी का स्वैग अलग ही है!…

TweetDeck : Adityanath also targeted the Opposition for criticising his government on its crackdown and recovery notices sent for alleged damage to property.

iPhone : I hate all you bitch ass niggas when I’m going threw my situations don’t comment don’t speak on me cause we don’t converse right now in no type of way + I don’t fuck with you and you don’t know me 😁

Android : राम भक्‍तों पर गोली चलाने वाले रामराज्‍य को नहीं समझ सकते: योगी आदित्‍यनाथ
Yogi Adityanath…

Twitter for iPad : A Yogi's Introduction to Mindfulness #trading #traderlife

Android : Must hear Yogi Adityanaths speech on Jogendranath Mondal specifically the opposers of #CAA

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iPhone : Cole World What about 18 of the last 19 years? That’s not his fault? Then why have a GM? Why pay him 3-5 million a year? Because none of this is on him? Are you kidding me? : 待っててね〜、あっ……君…君が『花礫くん』だ!『无ちゃん』はいないの?