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Twitter Web App : My Tobacco-21 legislation would raise the national age of tobacco purchase to 21 and keep harmful tobacco products out of the hands of vulnerable young Americans. This will continue to be one of my highest priorities.

Twitter Web App : The CDC is now investigating 450 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses, including 6 deaths. This should concern all Americans, especially in light of the fact that vaping and tobacco use are on the rise among American teenagers.

Twitter Web App : This runaway regulation would have hurt American families and placed a lot of private property under the thumb of federal bureaucrats. I applaud President Trump’s actions to roll back this rule and commend him for his leadership on this issue.

Twitter Web App : As Majority Leader, one of my top priorities has been reining in the unfair, job-killing restrictions put in place by President Obama’s EPA. One of the worst was the so-called “Waters of the U.S.” rule.

Twitter Web App : And may we always keep foremost in our thoughts all the U.S. servicemembers, intelligence officers, diplomats, and first responders who have given their lives for our nation’s security. #NeverForget

Twitter Web App : Today, on #September11, may the memory of the nearly 3,000 victims who lost their lives on this day in 2001 serve as a lasting reminder of what’s at stake in the fight against terrorism. May we steel our resolve to continue the hard, necessary work of defending our homeland.

Twitter Web App : Every American should take pride in the undeniable progress we have made in overcoming the terrible chapter that was opened 400 years ago. American ideals of equality and justice — not the sins of our forefathers — are the true, deepest bedrock of this great nation.

Twitter Web App : With the nation, Congress looks back to 1619 and remembers the size and scope of slavery’s stain on our history. We mark this somber anniversary with grief for all the slaves whose God-given freedoms were so brutally denied.

Twitter Web App : Today, Congress observes the 400th anniversary of a reprehensible moment in the history of our land: The first recorded arrival of enslaved Africans in England’s American colonies. The beginning of our nation’s original sin of slavery.

Twitter Web App : Kentucky is leading the national response to the devastating opioid epidemic, and the federal resources ($31.48 Million for KY) announced today will reinforce their life-saving work.

Twitter Web App : Any attempt by the Chinese government to crush a peaceful attempt by Hong Kongers to maintain their rights would require a significant response from the United States. The Chinese government is playing with fire, but hopefully they do not go too far.

Twitter Web App : I hope the American people will look at the cold hard facts of what will happen if the Democrats’ advocating for ‘The Green New Deal’ and ‘Medicare for All’ get power. Their goal is to turn America into a socialist country and that is not going to happen on my watch.

Twitter Web App : It was a pleasure to be on Hugh Hewitt’s show this morning to talk about the Democrats’ socialist agenda, reshaping the federal judiciary, and the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

Twitter Web App : World leaders should pay attention to the ongoing crackdown and recent arrests of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. It should not be business as usual until Beijing respects Hong Kong’s autonomy and political freedoms.

Twitter Web App : Senate Republicans are unified against any court packing schemes. We promise this: while we remain members of this body, the Democrats’ threat to restructure the Supreme Court is an empty one.

Twitter Web App : . Johnny Isakson is a first-rate legislator and one of the hardest-working members of the Senate. I could not be more grateful for his principled leadership and wise counsel. It’s been an honor to serve alongside Johnny.

Twitter Web App : In this country, radical changes face a high bar by design. It is telling that today’s left-wing activists would rather lower that bar than produce ideas that can meet it.

Twitter Web App : Now some Democrats want to touch the hot stove yet again. This time they are targeting the Senate’s legislative filibuster, a core part of our constitutional order. I explain in the NYT why they would rue that day as well:

Twitter Media Studio : The last time Democrats changed longstanding Senate rules for short-term partisan benefit, here is what it got them: Justice Neil Gorsuch. Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And 43 new lifetime circuit judges, the most ever at this point in a presidency

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Twitter Web App : I wrote the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992, which extended special privileges to Hong Kong because of its unique status. Beijing must know the Senate will reconsider those privileges if Hong Kong’s autonomy is eroded.