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Twitter Web App : Senate Democrats just voted to filibuster the annual funding for the U.S. armed forces. It’s the second time they have blocked defense funding in two months. We can’t advance it.

Remember when Democrats said their impeachment obsession wouldn't stop them from legislating?

Twitter Web App : House Democrats’ impeachment resolution would just codify their unfair process. Here’s what it contemplates:

1. No due process now
2. Maybe some later
3. But only if they feel like it

No American, the president or anyone else, should be subjected to this kind of unfairness.

Twitter Web App : Waivers from Obamacare regulations have already helped states bring down premiums and restore options for Americans. Both red states and blue states have used them. Senate Republicans support protections for pre-existing conditions and oppose Democrats' efforts to reduce choice.

Twitter Web App : While Republican policies are producing results for American workers and families, Senate Democrats are still trying to resurrect failed Obama-era ideas. This week, their goal is to cut down on states’ abilities to work around the worst of Obamacare’s burdens.

Twitter Web App : Ironically, the defense funding that Democrats are threatening to block includes $250M for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, the exact same program over which Democrats are attempting to impeach the president. Imagine if Democrats vote against this funding.

Twitter Web App : Funding the military is a critical responsibility. Democrats should not hold up funding for our servicemembers and their vital missions for the sake of picking a fight with the White House.

Twitter Web App : Democrats say impeachment won’t keep them from legislating. This week, we’ll get a clear test when the Senate votes on defense funding which Democrats filibustered last month.

iPhone : The world is a safer place today because al-Baghdadi has been brought to justice. I applaud our intelligence professionals, the brave servicemembers who risked everything to carry out this mission, and President Trump and his team. My full statement: republicanleader.senate.gov/newsroom/press…

iPhone : Everyone knows that some House Democrats made up their minds long ago and have been dead-set on impeachment for years. That does not eliminate their responsibility to conduct a fair process that follows precedent and due process when trying to undo a democratic election.

iPhone : I’m sponsoring a new resolution with Chairman Graham that many of our Republican colleagues have joined. We are calling out House Democrats for disrespecting due process and inventing a new set of unfair, partisan rules just for this president. republicanleader.senate.gov/newsroom/press…

iPhone : House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is breaking critical precedents. It is denying the administration important rights that past presidents were afforded. It is violating basic rules of due process. republicanleader.senate.gov/newsroom/press…

Twitter Web App : We must continue this progress. The Senate is moving forward $25 million more in support for my #CAREERAct to help those overcoming addiction find transitional housing and employment. I hope each of my colleagues will join me in continuing to support the #OpioidCrisisResponse.

Twitter Web App : This summer brought the first nationwide decrease in overdose fatalities in almost 30 years. In #Kentucky, the rate of deaths from this epidemic dropped nearly 15 percent. I was proud to secure more than $200 million in aid for the Bluegrass State on this issue.

Twitter Web App : One year ago today, President Trump signed into law our landmark legislation to support the families, first responders, and healthcare professionals who have to face our nation’s opioid epidemic every day. There is much more to do but we’re already seeing encouraging results.

Twitter Web App : Justin Walker’s thoughtful and deliberate approach to the law fit the mold of an outstanding federal judge. I was proud to vote to confirm him to serve the Western District of #Kentucky this afternoon.

Twitter Web App : Some of the Democrats criticizing the administration today wanted to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan just a few months ago. They can’t have this both ways. We need clarity: Which Senators support American leadership in the fight against terrorism and which do not?

Twitter Web App : I am introducing a Senate resolution to reaffirm the need for a strong U.S. presence and oppose premature withdrawal from Syria or Afghanistan. I hope my colleagues on both sides will take the opportunity to affirm these principles on the record.

Twitter Web App : Today, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to ratify the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to NATO. This is good news for a strong, healthy alliance that continues to defend American and trans-Atlantic interests around the world.

Twitter Web App : The Trump administration rightly killed this terrible policy. But now Senate Democrats want to revive it. A whole lot of self-inflicted economic pain for no significant environmental gain. I urge the Senate to reject the Democrats’ resolution later today.