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Bio I am a loyal @BTS_twt fan account supporting BTS only. Also enjoy the paranormal/the unexplained, history, science and spilling facts.
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iPhone : 지미니 웃는거 너무 이뻐

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Android : petition for twitter to let us have folders to organize our mf bookmarks. i want to have a folder for reaction videos, aus to read, aus i have read, tweets i dont wanna lose, etc. breathe to sign ☺

Android : 💥🙏💥
नम्र तथा मिठो बोलि असल मानिसको
पहिलो एवं राम्रो परिचय हो !
ठाडो बचन बोल्नु भन्दा त मौंन बसेकै राम्रो॰॰॰॰

Android : ot7 stans, all ship lovers and sub jungkook enthusiasts follow me 🤩🤩 also show love to jimin or i’ll bite ur kneecaps

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Android : Big Gay Dionysus Shhhh listen you can almost.. Hear..

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Android : bts leaving the award speech for namjoon is still the funniest thing

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Android : need to sleep cause ive skipped my appointment two days late and need to go tomorrow, wish me luck

Android : This grandpa is unbelievable 😳😳 #bts #방탄소년단 #idol 방탄소년단

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