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iPhone : If the Prime Minister resigns, remember that two of the frontrunners Boris Johnson & Michael Gove were both deeply involved in a campaign that led to the biggest electoral scandal in modern British history...their senior advisors orchestrated it.

iPhone : British journalists are failing to talk about the fact that Michael Gove was on the Vote Leave Campaign Committee. They convened every week to discuss strategy and finances. How is it possible that he did not know about the largest (illegal) donation made during the referendum?

iPhone : It has begun. There will be different rules for white teachers who are armed and Black teachers who are armed.…

iPhone : We see this same conversation time and time again that it actually functions as a form of further desensitisation to the ongoing violence of anti-blackness. It becomes normal to witness Black people’s humanity being “debated” within these mainstream platforms

iPhone : At a certain point, I have to question what exactly the function is of Black people going on national TV, be it GMB or that panel on Sky to “debate” racism in Britain with... racists.

iPhone : Many white queer folk focused on marriage equality, while Black queer folk focused on survival.

Can’t win this by curing a symptom while ignoring the root cause.…

iPhone : The difference between Femi and Farage/Tommy is that the latter have actively propagated hate and violence. Femi on the other hand has consistently preached love, kindness & healthy reasoned debate. One side is encouraging genocidal violence, the other trying to talk.

iPhone : Tbh it’s very humbling and comforting to see that conversations about illegal campaign methods, illegal use of data and dodgy donors are finally being (although still not enough) talked about on the BBC and major news platforms after the work we’ve been doing. A good (small) step

iPhone : Yesterday Tommy Robinson told me that Muslims will cripple our economy and that 50% of Muslim men are on benefits and that 75% of Muslim women are on benefits.

Totally Incorrect.

A recent report stated that muslims CONTRIBUTE over £31 billion to the UK economy.

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iPhone : The Muslim community will be harmed by their actions the most, and we as a community must work to find a way to hold these men to account. Just because Makkah resides within your borders, doesn’t mean the word of God is yours to command.

iPhone : Through every golden age of art, music, math & philosophy...the kings of Saudi Arabia were never in the picture. It was Muslim Indians, (now) Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Africans that paved the way for Islam. And now the faith has been hijacked by men with oily fingers.

iPhone : Yet the greatest perversion is that our taxes here in the UK and the taxes of millions of Americans are DIRECTLY contributing to the Saudi regime. Britain sells billions in arms to Saudi and looks the other way. Somehow extremism is OK if it comes with a big cheque...

iPhone : Pakistan has seen the effect of a kingdom that funded schools of fundamentalist islam. Many Islamic countries can trace their fundamentalist uprisings to Saudi trained scholars and imams. They are running a campaign to spread their hateful vision of the world across the east.

iPhone : The US & UK have supported this regime and financed its hate. The Saudi regime is one of hate and evil. There is no excuse or justification in Islam for this. Their perverted interpretations of the Quran and barbaric practises are a stain on the world.…