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Bio German #geographer and #demographer in #Melbourne. I love and share #maps and #data that explain how the #world works.
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Buffer : Your Netflix subscription isnt expensive but check out how much Netflix is spending just on content every quarter. Close to four billion US dollars! Source:

Buffer : #Infographic shows where in your mouth different letters (in the English language) are formed. I had never seen something like his before. Really cool stuff! Source:

Buffer : Map shows how much money you need in each US state to retire comfortably. In Hawaii you need three times more money than in Mississippi to retire in comfort. Source:

Buffer : The Reber Plan: Proposal for two dams that turn San Pablo Bay and South San Francisco Bay into freshwater lakes while the East Bay Tidelands and Richardson Bay are filled in for a deepwater port, airports, and military bases (1949). Source:…

Buffer : 15 ships were stranded in the Suez Canal for 8 years in the 60s and 70s. The crews of the ships seem to have made the most of it and ran football and sailing competitions to pass the time. Source:…

Buffer : Animated map shows land loss of Native American population from 1776 to 1930. Source:

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Buffer : Globally the number of kids under 5 years of age will shrink from 2050 onward. This means that some decades later global total population will also continue to shrink. This might hurt your brain a bit at first but fewer kids translates eventually into smaller total population.

Buffer : Map shows the most popular tourist destination by US state (as measured by google trends) and divides the results into Disney / not Disney. Source:

Buffer : The French artist Antoine Helbert is fascinated by the Byzantine Empire and created many gorgeous drawings showing #Constantinople at its prime. Fantastic artwork I must say... Source:…

Buffer : Since the #Himalayas are the highest #mountains on the planet its not surprising that #Tibet is the origin of many major #rivers as this #map shows. These rivers give live to billions of people! Super important bit of #geography! Source: