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Bio Happily married to an AWESOME guy with a brain injury. ⚓Brat- đŸ±đŸ¶â€ïž#healthcare4all - I express myself thru emojis, memes, gifs & sarcasm
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Twitter Web App : Interested in getting involved in the 2019 state legislative elections? Find and adopt candidates -- I suggest starting with 5. đŸ—łïžđŸ—œ

-Find them on Twitter, follow and help boost their messaging.
-Volunteer for their campaign.
-Get out the vote.

Twitter Web App : PERSIST) 's Twitter Profile">PERSIST Peace, Love, and Justice Walter Lochner Shannons Chronic Journey 💞🌊🌊 Bridget H Brid Buckleyget123goooo) 's Twitter Profile">Bridget🆘 đŸŒŠâœŠđŸ’™đŸłïžâ€đŸŒˆđŸŒ 🕊 Bridget Resists đŸ—œđŸ‡șđŸ‡žđŸŒŠâœŠâ€ïž Brid Buckleyget_joy_) 's Twitter Profile">Bridget Joy 💙🌊💙🌊💙 Brid Buckley Diana Baber Jannette Annelise Ryberg Ida Holber Amber/Beanie🌊 🆘🌞 đ•”đ–†đ–’_𝕬𝖗𝖙 â˜•đŸŒ™đŸ”žđŸ’€ SalishSea 🙏🌾💕PERSIST) 's Twitter Profile">PERSIST 💕🌾

Twitter Web App : How about a Sunday Follow Back Resisters get together? đŸ€—

Vet & Follow all who

Comment below if you’d like a shout.📱

#ClimateStrike #SaveTheReefs

Twitter Web App : Bren2019 đŸŒ±â“‹ÒœÉ Î±ÉłÎčƈ SilencedđŸ€ there is no spoon creekprincess116 💜We need each other 2 #Resist💜 đŸ’‹đ’„đ‘’đ“ˆđ“ˆđ’Ÿđ’žđ’¶â„›đ’¶đ’·đ’·đ’Ÿđ“‰đŸ’‹ Radical Rhymes Tomthunkitℱ One Angry Cranky Pissed Off Shadow Banned Bob Shannon Says... đ–Šđ—‚đ—‡đ—€đ–Ÿđ—‹ đ–«đ—’đ—‡ 🔔 đŸ–€đŸŒ»Lil’ CoxđŸŒ»đŸ–€ #ClimateCrisis 🌎 dindin Todd O 🌊🌊👊 ˜”*°‱.˜”*°‱ Sadie ‱°*”˜.‱°*”˜ 🐕Petra McCarron🐕 đŸ’«đŸ’š Sheila đŸ’™đŸ’« Shelly R Kirchoff Carl Doss JANE đŸ§–â€â™€ïžđŸ’œ đŸ˜»đŸŒČ🌏 Nancy Yarosis Joseph Kapler🇹🇩🇹🇩🌊🌊🔄🆘 🌊Brad🌊Beauregard🌊Jr đŸ†˜đŸ€œđŸ»đŸ€›đŸŸđŸ’šđŸŒŽđŸŒłđŸ€—đŸ—łđŸŒŠ Steve Herzfeld 🌊 đđšđźđ„ Ⓥ EARTHBOUND420đŸŒđŸŒ± IMPEACHMENT #trumpSUCKS Rosanna Phillips 🌊🌊🌊 RENwET 🆘 🍃đŸŒčđŸƒâ„đ• đ•€đ•– 𝕊𝕒𝕘𝕖 🆘 🐉 Mz Maggot Slaya To You 🐉 Sean M đŸŒŠđŸŒŠđŸŒŠđŸ„â€â™‚ïžđŸŒŠđŸŒŠđŸŒŠ SereneWorld4us 🌎💯SERGIOđŸ‡ș🇾💯🌎VOTE BLUE Shelby Kent-Stewart ℱ Faith ⓂissđŸ…ŸïžbamaℱđŸ‡ș🇾😘🌈👠🏈🆘 Jonathan Webers Shellr Dr. Wineau đŸ˜»đŸ˜»đŸ˜»

Twitter Web App : RENwET 🆘) 's Twitter Profile">RENwET 🆘 *‱.¾♡ áŽ¶ŃŃ”Ń‚Ń” ♡¾.‱* Shelly R Kirchoff) 's Twitter Profile">Shelly R Kirchoff I Am Sami to the V đŸŒč #IwillNotYield MagaT-Thumper đŸ’—đŸ–€BohoGirlResistsđŸ–€đŸ’— Kathryn#Resister JEWELS 🎀 #PRU 🎀 #Bluewave2020 🎀 xoxo 🗯😉 Strykr VII Amelia Have❀Heart Beer Burglar mattie riley 🌊🌊🌊🌊 Matthew Erickson NATASJA đŸ’„MAGICđŸ’„đŸ’—đŸ„‚đŸŽ¶đŸˆđŸŒ›đŸŽ°â™‰âš•đŸŒˆđŸ˜ŽđŸŒŽđŸčđŸ€đŸŽ‡đŸŽ‰đŸŒâłâ„đŸ”„đŸ“šâ™€đŸŒŠ EARTHBOUND420đŸŒđŸŒ± IMPEACHMENT #trumpSUCKS Whoa You!đŸ”„đŸ”„ Revolutionizers A Political Life Tree Huggin Beav ⚫ Tracey Eva #RebelForLife 🌳 EmeraldStardust 🧁đŸč * No DMs * ˜”*°‱.˜”*°‱ Sadie ‱°*”˜.‱°*”˜) 's Twitter Profile">˜”*°‱.˜”*°‱ Sadie ‱°*”˜.‱°*”˜ 💙đŸŒč ᖇOᔕEYᗰEá’Șá•ŒIá’Șá’Ș đŸŒč💙) 's Twitter Profile">💙đŸŒč ᖇOᔕEYᗰEá’Șá•ŒIá’Șá’Ș đŸŒč💙 kodiak149) 's Twitter Profile">kodiak149 It’s Phyllis PastaZaFool Gail Workman Ducks Can Resist Too đŸŒŠđŸ‘đŸ±đŸŠ†đŸłïžâ€đŸŒˆđŸ’™#EqualityAct Carleen Green 💚 âœŒđŸŒđŸŒŠ đ•”đ–†đ–321 ✌đŸ‡șđŸ‡žđŸŠ“đŸŒ»đŸŒčđŸŸđŸ’œ VADER 🐿 Squirrel đŸżđŸŒ·đŸżđŸŒ·đŸżđŸŒ·đŸżđŸŒč đŸ’„4fuxake!đŸ’„ đŸŒŽâ˜źïžđŸ’•RENwET 🆘) 's Twitter Profile">RENwET 🆘 đŸ„°đŸŒž
˜”*°‱.˜”*°‱ Sadie ‱°*”˜.‱°*”˜) 's Twitter Profile">˜”*°‱.˜”*°‱ Sadie ‱°*”˜.‱°*”˜
T̜͓e̜͓x̜͓a̜͓s̜͓ ̜͓G̜͓a̜͓l̜͓ 🆘🆘🆘
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Twitter Web App : đŸŒ»Sheila DRHđŸŒ» Randall French Violet Boregard Sharon in Ohio Buck Rumpler Kelly Deb __ Brandy ray J.Vasquez 🐅”when we win, we dance” 🐅 Jeri T Dube Marshall Applewhite Sandy Wood JoJo Greene 🌊VeganⓋ Heathen #ResisterđŸŒŠđŸ˜đŸŠđŸŠ’đŸŠ˜đŸ„đŸ–đŸđŸ“đŸ…đŸŹđŸ„ Impeach trump now Diana Mary Hooper MommaG 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🍑🍑🍑 CJisnowblue CJ 🌊 💙🌾💙🌾💞Tracy💋Wilkins💞💙🌾💙🌾 #FuckDonaldTrump 🐕Petra McCarron🐕) 's Twitter Profile">🐕Petra McCarron🐕 đŸŒ±â“‹ÒœÉ Î±ÉłÎčƈ SilencedđŸ€ BCOOL) 's Twitter Profile">BCOOL The True American Radical Rhymes Kevin Endicott #WeLeaveWhenTrumpLeaves 🔄 dragonlady art Rehana óŸ“ŠđŸ) 's Twitter Profile">Rehana óŸ“ŠđŸ đŸŒŽâ˜źïžđŸ’—đŸ’«đŸ’š Sheila đŸ’™đŸ’« 💗💕
Baltimore Gr8fulchikâšĄïž
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Twitter Web App : If 5 year old kids can deal with active shooting drills and living in constant fear, then gun owners can deal with background checks and red flag laws.