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Bio A Ugandan Film Production That gives you Art Beyond your expectations. Producers of high quality production like Ghetto Exodus, Bread winner, Stay. May (2018)
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Android : Filmmaker Tip 19 โ€“ GIVE IT A THEME

People watch films for entertainment while unconsciously learning new things. Actually people watch film to learn through entertainment. Audiences want to learn what, how and why other communities do certain things. Those things define.

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Android : #MakingUgFilmsFamous
Uganda is well represented at the Lake International Pan-African Film Festival 2019 in Kenya in various categories.

The Forbidden (10 nominations)
94 Terror (3 nominations)
Saved (1 nomination)
Bread Winner (1 nomination)
Rehema (1 nomination)

Android : What another bless from the Almighty Allah, so well looks like *SAVED* is adding onto its 9 selection and 8+ nominations again this year, weve just received a notification from Lake International Pan-African Film Festival in Kenya that well be competing for awards during