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Bio Illustrator/found-footage art/horror comics maker! Creator of Siren Head and Long Horse. He/him. Please dont repost my art! Icon by @MadyGComics!
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Twitter Web App : (CW: horror)
i want to see my little boy (here he comes!!)
I've been meaning to draw the Jötunn from The Ritual for the longest time but I thought a model instead would be neat! :D pic.twitter.com/bQlkWm6TTT

Twitter Web App : Reminder that if we're mutuals and you have a secret twitter, you can request to follow mine here with yours. It's mainly just me complaining about creature design and retail.


Twitter Web App : Kicking of the new decade by redrawing something I did four years ago (most recent one is one the left)! Alice has been a character that is near and dear to my heart but lord knows I literally never draw her. Maybe this is the year I finally change that but who knows

Twitter Web App : this is the second week in a row my job hasnt scheduled me while saying nothing about when Ill be working again 🙃 soo in the honor keeping myself alive Im having a print sale! 20% off my INPRNT shop this week (until the 13th) with promo code K296OJY 🌸 inprnt.com/gallery/jimmyk…

Twitter Web App : wouldst thou like to live zineliciously?

you can get the black mass zine, suite of music, and tarot cards here!