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Android : the only thing i relate to here is im the boba... like tatanga tanga ako usually

(ps how can people be this attractive when i look like a dry grape wtf) twitter.com/d_rrenzo/statu…

iPhone : they gave me: bi
i am: pan
they gave me: 58
i am: 5’8
they gave me: sag
i am: sag
they gave me: dating
i am: single
they gave me: 23
i am: 21

drop your fave meme and ill tell you what i think based on your profile.

Curious Cat : any tips po paano mabilis maalala mga binabasa sa law school or any type of course in general ano po yung mga way… — Naghahandwritten notes ako kahit di required haha. Mas tumatagal retention saken e basta nasulat ko na. 🙂 curiouscat.me/paololololow/p…

iPhone : totally a masterpiece

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Android : I was called bakla publicly, even the teachers were in on it. In retrospect, they werent wrong, but they made it so bad that I refused to go to school.
Theres nothing wrong with being gay, and children should have a nuturing environment to discover themselves. twitter.com/jubi_lance/sta…

Curious Cat : Just saw you on IG stories and UwU sarap mo sigurong mahalin 😩😘 — AY HAHAHA HANGGANG CC LANG NAMAN KAYO? curiouscat.me/Jerikoooow/pos…

Android : Hello guys, I need MSM or Men Having Sex with Men to participate in an online survey. Sino pwede? Its for a thesis and its urgent.

Android : I know the difference between armchair Polytheism and living Polytheism. Armchair Polytheism is about ingesting theory, then regurgitating everything youve read so you sound smart. Living Polytheism is hitting the shrine floor with your heart and knees.

Twitter Web App : This couple, who looked either drunk or drugged up, got way too close to my face. Although they didnt do anything to me it freaked me the hell out. Putang ina.

Twitter Web App : Every year, young future leaders are being invited to the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurship Carnival. Watch Audrey Pe talk about the tech accessibility in the country and how she inspires people to close the gender gap with the use of WiTech 👩🏻‍💻💜 youtu.be/fx1l59u-1SM

Twitter Web App : Am I the only one whos afraid of dating because maybe sooner or later, the person Im dating gets turned off by my flaws? 😔

iPhone : If Biden is only losing Kentucky by 12 points, then he’s well on his way to a landslide win in the electoral college. Trump won Kentucky by 30 points in 2016. #Biden2020 twitter.com/politics_polls…

Twitter Web App : 빤히 쳐다보다가 뽀뽀하는 이유가 뭐니 구름아

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Android : Imagine this. When Juan Ponce Enrile was born, SHE WAS ALREADY 27 YEARS OLD!

Heto pa. She was 17 when WW1 started, 48 when WW2 ended, and 89 yrs old when The Philippine People Power Revolution happened.


iPhone : Just watched The Panti Sisters, they tackled sooooo mannnyyyy social issues surrounding the LGBT sector like hate crime and same-sex marriage.

Android : nana sad ni siya ay, ngano diay kung mahubog ang babae? yawa ha, aymo pang harass period. OK RA MU TAGAY, DI OK MANG HARASS twitter.com/almoralde/stat…

Twitter Web App : To our #VictoriabyLoveYourself angels 💜 the receiving area is now located at the ground floor of Torres building. Please get your queuing number one at a time ala bathhouse style ganern. 🦐🦐

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Android : #1 Hands Behind My Back
Sept 20th 12AM EDT

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Twitter Web App : At the end of the day, all we want is to feel accepted for our entirety--the flaws and the victories, that we are enough. That, for me, is an accomplishment in itself. Albeit a crazy idea for human desire is unquenchable, but it is a truth (at least for me).

Android : women are stronger than any man could ever aspire to be. Vanessa Hudgens did Grease Live right after her father died. Halsey performed after having a miscarriage & had to wear a diaper on stage. Women are so strong & resilient & they don’t get enough credit. twitter.com/imthehonestboy…

iPhone : A 10 year old with 22 years of experience. Ash is what every employer is looking for now. twitter.com/gamingbible/st…

iPhone : idc what stage we’re at, if you want me then them other niggas gotta go 🤷🏽‍♂️ twitter.com/prettyboyviews…

Twitter Web App : totally a masterpiece

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iPhone : Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. Having self-control will get you further than constantly reacting to everything that’s trying to test your patience. Center yourself and remain calm in difficult or challenging situations.

Android : Parang may kulang doon sa UP version. Dapat yata may hawak na placard tapos nakasulat doon:
GAWING REGULAR twitter.com/happybeadel/st…

iPhone : UST BA Comm. Like ready na unta tanan. Pero happy raman kaayo kos Silliman ❤️ twitter.com/sprinkleofsaig…

iPhone : [2/2]

Women are on the receiving end of abuse and harassment - but yes, lets keep on blaming them. Lets keep on defending the abusers and harassers. Lets resolve the issue silently.

Giatay mong tanan kung inyo gihapong dapigan ang mga demonyong galakaw sa kalibutan.

iPhone : To those students who took advantage of a drunk girl from ferdis, posted in IG story and live streamed on IG, I cant wait for your asses to be in jail.

Nagpaila lang mo unsa mo ka way grado, wa jud moy grado. Kung kaiyoton namo, pamurikat mo ayaw mo pang hubog og babae amaw.

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iPhone : someone sent me a vid of what looks like a rape footage.


Call out the UC students (?) and help press charges. but NEVER UPLOAD/SPREAD the video.


iPhone : Ganto ka pasok please

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Android : Papiii!😝 what should I do with my erection? Carloseffort

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iPhone : Admitted a stroke patient last night with an unknown ictus dahil walang informant and because she is single and lives alone in her condo unit.

So pertinent talaga sa history yung single and lives alone. 🙄🙄😂😂

Android : the sound is so therapeutic

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