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Talon Android : 12 years at my current employer, and I never thought I'd last this long, but it feels like...

TweetDeck : A moderator at the vice news black and brown panel asked Klobuchar if she’s the white moderate that King warned us about and I am 💀💀💀 I need to screen shot her face during this

Twitter Web Client : Incredible that the NYT can insult both their readers and the two candidates by pulling this bullshit.

They would never do this with two male candidates. "Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren Are Democrats’ Top Choices for President"

Talon Android : The load of bread I made the other day collapsed while baking, but todays loaf seems to have done the complete opposite. #Breadzilla

TweetDeck : The death penalty is wrong. Life without the possibility of parole is wrong. You shouldn’t substitute one for the other. Our country should not be sentencing people to die by lethal injection, the electric chair, or by spending the rest of their life in a cell. It’s all wrong.

TweetDeck : The Florida Supreme Court just ruled that ppl with felony convictions must pay off all fines and fees before they can vote.

If you want to help formerly incarcerated ppl in Florida get their voting rights back, donate to this organization doing the work:

Talon Android : The UK has seen major drops in HIV rates thanks to PrEP, but the US has not. The difference between the two countries is that in the UK it costs about £26/month and in the US it costs $1600/month.…

TweetDeck : This thread is infuriating and similar to what I’m going through with my insurance for the IVF process. Imagine doing this back and forth while in pain or on hormones. We need patient advocates.…

Talon Android : I'm gonna say this one time: When free education is paid for by the rich, whether through a wealth tax or a Wall Street tax or both, the children of the rich are not "getting to go to school for free." It's negligent (at best) for the media to continue that line of argument.