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Talon Android : RIP Ric Ocasek. 😥

TweetDeck : Nearby farmer is now growing dozens of acres of cannabis. It smells incredible, so I will always roll down my window when I drive past, but it's reprehensible that this can happen while lots of folks (mostly POC) are still incarcerated throughout the state on possession charges.

Talon Android : That's cool. I totally wanted to buy a new set of tires for the Volvo today... 😬

Instagram : Not yet 9 months old yet, but this big girl just weighed in at 50.1 lbs. 😱 #BassetBoned…

TweetDeck : Just when I'd gotten used to the latest Outlook UI updates, they give us another one.

Talon Android : That’s actually not how racism works!!!…

Talon Android : Biden looks like he's deteriorating onscreen, and that was one heck of an incomprehensible ramble.

TweetDeck : Somehow the folks who vow to #NeverForget will overlook this at every opportunity.…

TweetDeck : totally gr8 timing for Marvel Comics to replace real wars with fake ones that are still chock full of yellow peril racist stereotypes

“Siancong” replacing Vietnam, really??? 🙃

TweetDeck : I think about a lot of things on 9/11, including our response as a country, which led to the formation of the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Talon Android : Back when we all bought CDs, what's an album you bought for just one song, but ended up loving the entire album?