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tom cotton has a fake wife

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Twitter Web App : one of the most annoying things to me are the people who say bernie sanders didnt campaign for hillary in 2016

so i found video from every single event he did for her, stamped each with a date and location, and edited it down to about a minute and a half

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Twitter Web App : I think the "Bernie Bro" fixation mostly boils down to prominent media figures being so irrationally annoyed by Sanders supporters in their mentions that they inflate it into a Very Important Political Problem to assure themselves their irritation is actually moral righteousness

Twitter Web App : brigid the saddest stories i've heard are the ones like that, where people were trying to canvass in allentown pa or something and desperately asking HQ for help and being told to fuck off

Twitter Web App : if I were longtime family friends with a known child sex trafficker and my main career accomplishments were covering for my sex criminal husband, passing a flag burning bill and losing an election to a senile game show host, I would simply shut the fuck up

Twitter Web App : I’ve decided that I will start keeping an air horn nearby when I am watching TV, to alert the rest of the apartment building when a Mike Bloomberg commercial comes on. I wouldn’t want them to miss it