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iPhone : Another one. How about letting countries submit the film they feel best represents its cinematic work in any given year? I’m really asking. There has to be a good reason for not. I want to understand, The Academy. I know when the no English rule originated. But why? Please share.…

Twitter Web App : Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 2019 @PABJ awards gala this year. We would love if you filled out this brief survey below to help us improve our gala experience in 2020.…
It will help us determine how we organize next yrs. awards.

Android : Worth pointing out that Don Cherry has yet to publicly apologize for or discuss his comments.…

Twitter Web App : In this country injustices can be rectified, says Marion Lane regarding Armys denial of her dads commission as an officer during WWII. They key is tenacity.

2nd Lt John James is seeking compensation for alleged discrimination. WATCH: #VeteransDay

Twitter Web Client : “Our men are dead or in jail. But women are still out here. Women are the stronger ones.”

Philly has the widest population ‘gender gap’ among major U.S. cities… via @alfredlubrano

iPhone : Idk who needs to hear this but if youre trying to avoid the new LAX/rideshare shit show, go to the second floor and take a *free* hotel shuttle to one of the nearby airport hotels and request your car from there. Save ya coins and stay stress free.

Android : Are yall ready to fight? 😏

In no particular order, here are the best R&B songs from this decade - according to yours truly.

And heres a Spotify playlist so you can listen to how right I am:…

Twitter Web App : Also Temple Peeps,
This year #AFIFEST has that I know of so far 2 features from Temple alum.

clemencythefilm written/directed by Chinonye Chukwu (who may or may not have taught you in media arts)

And He Dreams of Giants by Lou Pepe and Keith Fulton (Lou is the head of the LA program)

iPhone : Me with the Popeyes…

Twitter Web App : This is sooooooo cute!!! Black fathers, take this W. 🏆

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Twitter Web App : Commuters hold lunchtime eat-in protest after man detained for eating sandwich on platform… via @abc7chicago

iPhone : Every time I show up to the airport on time I’m met with an inconvenience.

Going back to my old ways after this trip.

iPhone : if cancel culture existed u wouldn’t have a career nigga u deadass rapped about hella foul shit and no one cares…

iPhone : The former New York mayor, who is worth more than $53 billion according to Forbes, began taking steps late last week to mount a bid for the Democratic nomination for president.
#Forbes400 2019 via @forbes

Twitter Web App : What happens when the food desert is an island? Heres some interesting info on one of the smallest nations in the world:…

iPhone : To those who would “thank me for my service” please do so by advocating student loan forgiveness, healthcare for all, and a national policy of spending $100 on each human for every $1 spent on the military.

iPhone : Context I found an intro to US govt ppt. At my job that put me to sleep in the 1st slide... and I thought why don’t they just play the schoolhouse rock video?😭 But really.....🤷🏾‍♂️

iPhone : I can’t let this one pass.. this morning in Lake Charles
His name is Seth Broussard and he works at HydroChemPSC and the CEO is brad Clark his email is…

Twitter Web App : Look, Kanye is like that cousin who recently came to God or back to God that will want to give everyone a lecture about what they’re doing wrong in their life at Thanksgiving ... hell find a medium ground.…

Twitter Web App : These are all the African Americans #Trump could manage to fit in this small room in #Atlanta. He came with most of them in vans in his motorcade. Some white, paid and fed used to exploit the appearance of “Blacks For Trump”.

The rest were media. “Fake Event” 🤣

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iPhone : Have the courage to say what you need in the moment. Most people aren’t mind readers.

Two things will happen: You’ll either get what you need or realize that the source you are asking doesn’t have the capacity to deliver. Both are gifts.

iPhone : It’s becoming blatantly obvious who carnival is for now. A celebration of the end of enslaved Africans being treated as chattel and valued as their physical capability is now... a $5000 dollar fatphobic, gym/skinny body, elitist, Woodbrook and Environs street festival.

IFTTT : Chat & Get Ready With Me│Everyday Skincare & Makeup Routine │by Amber Burns

Android : American friends, just for the sake of my own interest and to prove a point...

If you have ever avoided going to the doctor because youre afraid of a bill you cant afford, please RT this. : Writers Guild continues to slam agencies over affiliate ownership

iPhone : I’ve really been thinking about it recently.. I seldom discuss my accomplishments because I’m def not where I want to be in life, but Lord when I think back on how far I’ve come, I’m proud. And every now and then I gotta remind myself that I shouldn’t have to hide it

Hootsuite Inc. : In an industry dominated by chain stores, Roobs (PHR 17) goes against the grain by getting to know her pharmacys customers personally. #TempleMade #30Under30

Read more:

iPhone : Shoutout to Dave. Tour was excellent. Signed up and became a member. We all set for Dec 1st 😎…

Sprout Social : The second annual #TUGradCountdown Senior Brunch is designed to celebrate December graduates and help May graduates prepare for their final semester. Register now and learn about resources available to seniors before and after graduation.

Twitter Web App : Ubers CEO told #AxiosonHBO that Jamal Khashoggis murder was a mistake by the Saudi government, and then compared it to Ubers self-driving accident in which a woman died.

An hour later, he backtracked.

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iPhone : Single black women aged 36–49, on average, have a net worth of $5, while single white women in the same age group have a net worth of nearly $42,000.


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Twitter Web App : Republican House retirements are nearly keeping pace with the frenetic, record-setting 2018 cycle, despite a smaller caucus 1/3…

iPhone : Dancing Dak is everywhere 🤣 B/R Gridiron

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iPhone : Tay Anderson *me reading about your election* 👏🏾😊

I recall you running in 2017 and me sharing the good news re your campaign! Love that you rebounded and came out victorious in 2019! I’ve been in a book writing coma. lol Overjoyed to see this news on my TL today. ✨

Twitter Web App : Our #360video storytelling studio is open to pitches. They are developing amazing #VR narratives and are eager to help you develop yours - heres how: 👇…

Android : 12-year-old Nigerian boy based in the UK, Chika Ofili, has been presented with a Special Recognition Award for making a new discovery in Mathematics.

The little Mathematician just discovered a new formula for divisibility by 7 in Maths.

Twitter Web App : I blended history, memoir, philosophy, commentary + data. I blended genres + registers. I blended a personal narrative + a thematic narrative, meaning chapter themes built on themselves. So hard + Im so grateful #HowToBeAnAntiracist made this list.…

Buffer : #Sex slave: Few work harder to normalize sex than Susana Mayer and her Erotic Literary Salon TheEroticSalon #blog #hardcore #softcore #philly #phillyweekly #philadelphia #susanamayer

Twitter Web App : In 2014, we sat down on the shores of Frederiksted, St Croix - Freedom City — for a reasoning with Vaughn Benjamin + Pressure Busspipe, a conversation between teacher and pupil but also peers and bredren:…

Android : Sometimes, it takes dogged self-belief, beyond proof that they can see, to show them who you are... remember, gems that shine in the light are formed in the dark. -Sunn mCheaux 🖤 #weoutchea #gullah #geechee #affirmations