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iPhone : For all those focused on Rustbelt battlegrounds, in new Fox Poll only 35% of non-college white women say Trump's economic policies benefit "everyone" or "people like them." 51% of them say they benefit either people w/more money or no one. Even non-col white men are net negative.

iPhone : had two thoughts in audience yesterday: 1) how rare it is to see national politicans talk about black economic agenda outside of church setting 2) how low the bar is that #1 is unique…

iPhone : One thing that we focused on: this is a specifically black economic forum. You will be asked about specific policies for black Americans. I will eat you alive if you talk about All Lives Matter in THIS forum, because it is about jobs, wealth, education, opps for black people.…

iPhone : I say this consistently: I’m not a fan of fox news, but Chris Wallace is so much better than everybody else in framing these questions. And he isn’t afraid. He’s just out of everyone’s league. Clean question, roll the tape, make your point, follow up, roll the next tape.…

iPhone : To the Dads who’ve given a kid a moment of love like this. To the Father Figures who smile back at kids like this. To kids who’ve been fortunate in their lives to lean in for a kiss like this. To kids who never did, but will be this for someone else. Blessings to all on this day.…

iPhone : Chao sells off stock as attention on corruption allegations grows.

iPhone : Ma’am.
Your husband awkwardly defends a woman who lied chronically and diminished the office she held. And a network puts him on tv to be an expert on a job that he held for ten days. Don’t be sad, be ashamed.…

iPhone : The President of the United States publicly accused the New York Times of a virtual act of treason and we are all just taking it in stride.