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Twitter Web Client : This dude is so SALTY. Reminder: you cant get upset for stalking ME!

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Twitter Web Client : Most ridiculous question on this survey.

9. If I must arrive at work or another obligation on time, I would rather...
Leave 30 minutes early to make sure I arrive on time
Leave later and pay a toll or fare to arrive faster and on time


Twitter Web Client : Hi stalker, FU stalker.

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Twitter Web Client : So this Hyundai USA Veloster is pretty good. Haven't driven a coupe since the Integra days. Nice features...semi-automatic sport-shift w/shifter pull to left up+ down- which I miss from the #TSX, Android Auto, Drive Modes -Smart, Normal, Sport, good gauge cluster, intuitive cockpit.

Twitter Web App : Rental car #1. 1st time renting from Hertz. Weird to me they just let you pick your car straight out of the lot. Actually like being able to choose. Went with the Hyundai Velostar which drives decent.

Twitter Web Client : Charlie Warzel Google has no "official" bias but is composed overwhelmingly of progressive liberals who are politically active. Yes, I've been to Burning Man, & yes, the algos are programmed by humans. Algorithms don't program themselves to create a blank hit on Hilary's emails. PS i'm liberal.

Twitter Web Client : Charlie Warzel No, I don't think they're talking about algorithmic bias here. This is just straightforward political bias, i.e. -- let's program our search results to suppress or eliminate hits that contradict the way we want the world to work. Blah blah blah...