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iPhone : This is the point. Barr didn’t need to step in. The judge was always going to decide this sentence on the merits. So you have to ask why Barr was willing to bring all this turmoil down on the DoJ by demanding that second memo.…

iPhone : Oh yes, the ‘fecal-oral’ route otherwise know as poop-to-mouth: “The finding of live virus particles in stool specimens indicates a fecal-oral route for coronavirus, which may be why it’s caused outbreaks on cruise ships with an intensity...🤢…

iPhone : Our take on Bloomberg's performance:

"There was a wide gap between the smooth, confident candidate portrayed in those ads and the less sure-footed and at times irritable candidate on the debate stage."

By Craig Gordon + Gregory Korte…

iPhone : 3 more patients test positive for #coronavavirus in #Iran. Riot police are in city of Qom where first cases were reported, possibly to quarantine city. Also a lot of video emerging of patients being taken to hospitals in Tehran by medics in hazmat suits.

Twitter Web App : NEW: US Amb. to Germany Richard Grenell, an outspoken Trump loyalist, is expected to be named the acting US director of national intelligence, a White House official tells NBC News - Peter Alexander

Twitter Web App : .adrienneelrod: Bloomberg "cannot be impatient" on stage.

"He cannot show that he's irritated about people going after his record. It's all fair game."…

iPhone : “It makes me queasy," one political science professor told NBC News, calling the system "incredibly complex.

Twitter Web App : This New York Times story from the Milken sentencing kind of brings it all together — how Milken made Nelson Peltz wealthy. Peltz is the billionaire who held the $10M+ fundraiser for Trump over the weekend. Incidentally, the sentencing judge: Kimba Wood.…

Twitter Web App : In less than 15 minutes Trump:
- Pardons Blagojevich, Bernie Kerik, Mike Milken (it appears)
- Says he knows who Anonymous is
- Says he's not thinking about Pardon for Stone
- Taliban peace deal possible
- Defended Barr, said he does make Barr's job harder

iPhone : Hubei said it will use purchase records to track down and interview anyone who bought cough or fever medicine since Jan. 20 -- another layer of disease surveillance:…

Twitter Web App : Trump on deporting immigrants: "Your home will accept you with open arms or open jails..."

Twitter Web App : Trump says they are painting the border wall black to make the metal too hot to climb - "You're going to have to bring a hose with lots of water to water it down"

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Twitter Web App : Susan Pompeo also had an unusual role at the CIA when her husband was director. She used offices at CIA HQ and had a support staff of CIA employees. She also accompanied her husband on overseas trips, including to an MI6 training base in England.……

Twitter Web App : Bloomberg’s state communications directors and state political directors uniformly receive $12,000 monthly ... while state press secretaries make $10,000 monthly and the campaign’s national political director commands $30,000 a month, or $360,000 annually:…

Twitter Web App : AG Barr has told Trump privately in recent weeks that Trump's public statements on a number of occasions were making his job increasingly difficult and asked the president to stop. Via Peter Alexander