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Android : Ryan Freeland Mike Bohan Adam Cole Not an issue for me either personally, but I know many for whom it was. You can have 5% groups of a customer base each unhappy with 20 different things. One issue may seem irrelevant to most but added up it's 100% of customers that could be happier.

Android : Hazagawa Mike Bohan Adam Cole I don't think anyone at any point has been u grateful. I personally have thanked all the tram vocally on Twitter and whenever I deal with CS. This is not an argument or rihht or wrong situation, it's about trying to help FI move forward for the benefit of everyone.

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole Yes and I personally think the more open feedback and polling for FI and the community to better understand eachother can only help and would be really appreciated by the community.

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole Appreciate that from your perspective, but from many traders perspective the fact that a more concrete answer was not forthcoming with the deadline getting ever closer was very concerning for some, hence again at the Q&A that some felt the question had still not been answered.

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole No I didnt, maybe 7. And I think that's what I'm trying to get at - by actually taking the feedback directly regularly FI can really understand trader sentiment alot better and hopefully act upon issues as a priority where possible. Much more so than at Q&As.

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole be a better feedback mechanism for FI to really understand high priority issues for traders that can then be actuallu acted upon. 3 year hold was another q that was unanswered for over two years.

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole Appreciate that, but as illustrated by your reaction to the share split poll, seems to be a disconnect between FI and community. IPOs a prime example - AC didn't seem too fussed over them at Q&A but if polled, community view would be complete opposite. Just think there needs to

Android : Mike Bohan Adam Cole Mike, I feel that FI are ignoring their hardcore customers concerns about issues/improvements to product and are just tunnel visioned on growth. Personally think that's biggest risk to start-ups trying to scale up. Underlying product surely has to be as strong as it can be?

Android : Adam Cole Football Index Hatter Concerned this doesn't seem to be noted as an issue by Football Index, Adam...it's terrible.

The database needs to be much larger so players can genuinely be bought at 16/17/18 or from another league before they've come into the public eye.

Android : I’m also absolutely thrilled to announce Guillem Balague has joined the Football INDEX team and will be contributing to our blog, spreading the word about us to his 1 million followers, hosting trader events and much much more. Welcome to the #footballindex family, Guillem! πŸš€

Android : Adam Cole Growth is great Adam but core aspects could be so much better and personally think it hinders new user acquisition. IPO's, overnight positional changes, clean sheet bonus, PB scoring, England-only and UTD biased media buzz, limited player database etc. Will these be looked at?