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Bio ✝️🇮🇱👩🏻People tend to remain silent when they feel their views are in opposition to the majority view on a subject, Neumann: Spiral of Silence Theory
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iPhone : Laura We all need a break from the trolls once in a while - if you are leaving I hope you’ll be back! Just know that you actually made an impact on my health since I followed you: I am finally working out and feeling fitter every week! Also...facial toner! God bless you 💕 #keepslaying

iPhone : Terri Weiford Shadow You are spot on. It appears as though the handful of faithful, biblical pastors that are left are dragged through the mud at the moment by the massive amount of false teachers. It saddens me to no extend. And they seem to have so much support in their witchhunts too.

iPhone : Shadow Terri Weiford Interesting how the same group of people are all ganging up on JMac and/or kissing up to Dwight. While they keep causing division and calling everyone a racist, the hour is late! Their flock needs prayer! Yet they seem only consumed with themselves and other christian ‘elites’.

iPhone : Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy update is about the falling away of christian leaders - I have never seen JD like this. What a great shepard to his flock and servant of God this man is.
Worth the watch everyone.