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Bio Jordan Grant - “just gonna be a part time veggie”
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iPhone : Jordan’s meant to be vegetarian n he’s now on the phone to me talking about how he’s eaten burgers n all that shite ffs calling himself part time veggie, fuck off

iPhone : If youre having a bad day, watch this

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iPhone : So buzzin to have a sleepover w my bestie tomoz, been feelin shite all week. am so excited to just speak shit n laugh lots 👯‍♀️💖

iPhone : HAPPY fkn BIRTHDAY gorgeous !!! hope you’re having the most wonderful time in Edinburgh and I shall see you when you get back 💕💕🍍🍍🍍💕💕💕🐬 ☽Aigroeg☾

iPhone : why am I so bad at being on time for things, booked a table for lunch and am gonnae be the one late :) :) !

iPhone : In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

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