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iPhone : Sooooooooo, a quick etymology/linguistics lesson!
1. All words are made up. Every one.
2. "Cishet" is a PORTMANTEAU of "cisgender" and "heterosexual."
3. "Portmanteau" is a LOAN WORD, from FRENCH.
4. French is a LANGUAGE.
5. Language is MADE UP of WORDS.
6. All WORDS are MADE UP.…

iPhone : 🚨Oh, hey, look. Jack Burkman put a $50,000 price on the head of the whistleblower, and Jacobs Dad, a lawyer, retweeted it.

But, yeah, lets go on making jokes about how incompetent, and harmless they are, and lets definitely laugh at the people who monitor them.

iPhone : Adam Parkhomenko NYT should be ashamed of themselves. This is one of those times when restraint and respect for the confidentiality of an extremely brave person should be a priority. Exposing this person will certainly endanger his/her life. Especially w/Trump's threats.

iPhone : The #Whistleblower could well blow the lid off three-plus years of Trump/Russia shenanigans and expose Trump as the traitor he is, for all the world to see.

Let’s break it down: