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iPhone : i am never deleting tik tok

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iPhone : I haven’t even started uni yet and I already wanna come back home 🤦🏿‍♂️

iPhone : lmao so so far we have more prison spaces and a couple of stories on chicken boxes😂 you have to laugh init…

iPhone : People who tweet this think you have to constantly be messaging someone for y’all to be friends…

iPhone : me walking into an exam vs me coming out of the exam

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iPhone : Don’t hate on people that achieved high grades just because they’re proud of their results and shared their grades and likewise don’t be a prick and go on about it/ rub it in people’s faces…

iPhone : I’m hearing less of this hot/city girl summer stuff as cuffing season draws nearer 🤣🤣🤣you girls are cheeky

iPhone : Okay but why isn’t this a feature on mobile Twitter 😩

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iPhone : i recreated tiffany pollard’s “Beyoncé sweetie i’m so sorry”.

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iPhone : Nobody:

God: hmmm but what if I mashed up Chris Hemsworth and Sam Cooke?

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iPhone : Most the people that say this are the ones who reply with “I’m alright u”…

iPhone : Instead of expanding prisons, build new youth centres, improve council estates/ housing - get people off the streets before they have to go to prison not after.…

iPhone : Please it’s not even December, can we wait a bit longer for this annual non-sense…