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iPhone : About to give bloood 🥰😅❤️ GiveBlood 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️🐝 eeeee

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iPhone : UK police:
- Black girl Justice for Stefika Smith goes missing abroad and is murdered not a single news report or story coverage

- McCann goes missing abroad and is still missing.. on every single news report and now has a whole bloody Netflix series documentary

Do you see the problem now?

iPhone : Listen im active this summer, u wanna go out just shout me IM THEREEEE u wanna get cocktails? IM THERE, wat quick cinema? IM THEREEEE oh u need someone to back that motive IM THEREEEEE

iPhone : you know whats sad?? People taking more interest in the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama instead of THIS. This is happening right in front of us people. What are you doing ??! WAKE UP !

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iPhone : Can’t lie tho I loved how we saw the ashy ending in Danny’s season 2 vision and how we all thought that the snow was the night king but irl it was Danny’s ash, that was well executed I’ll be honest

iPhone : Look at the disgusting behaviour of the @BalbrigganGardai on my little 15 year old brother. He was only cycling around with my little sister when they pulled up and started to grab his arm and later tackled him. Even had the audacity to tackle me to take my phone.

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