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Twitter Web App : These results are great news for Lib Dems and terrible news for Labour Remainers. Lib Dem core message is cutting through and now 70% of people know they are an anti-Brexit party. But in 5 months basically no-one has become more likely to see Labour as anti-Brexit. Worse still...

Twitter Web App : Jonathan Portes Brexiteers note:

Far from being pilot of its own destiny, it also looks like the UK may be willing to trade one master for a more business-friendly one – the US instead of the EU”, notably in employment and healthcare rights.

Twitter Web App : Richard Mills, #FBPE Rory Stewart The inability to provide Brexit by October 31st might be his downfall. No doubt Cummings will have war-gamed this possibility by martyring him & blaming everyone who's blocked it. Important that politicians point out NOW that his promises of 31st Oct were never realistic & lies.

Twitter Web App : Majority of MPs now support fresh Brexit referendum, Dominic Grieve says…

Twitter Web App : This is what frustrates me about people like Emma. She asks a question on here - yet there is no chance on Earth she'll have engaged with or even read any of the responses: because it involves critical thinking. Only her opinion matters to her. Facts and evidence don't.…

Twitter Web App : Tory conference looks like a mass clinical trial for a new brand of sedatives

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Twitter Web App : Fionna OLeary, 🕷 #FBPE To be released before the election no doubt!

But its difficult to think of anything that can harm him, however bad. We already know he was highly critical of Leaving the EU!

Its as if his fans are absorbed in a mindless personality cult.

Twitter Web App : Mike Smithson Nick Palmer Interesting snippets: "The Lab vote in the north is famously it’s not obvious where the Tory gains in the north will come from.
More plausible-looking target might be Lab/Con marginals in other parts...because LDs are making significant inroads into Remain Labour vote

Twitter Web App : Emma Kennedy Emma, this American professor whose family was slaughtered in the Holocaust has the answers. This is the critical part of the clip, but it's worth listening from the start.…

Twitter Web App : It signals as I and others predicted he is going for "Brexit in Name Only" - pay any price to get out by 31/10 ... leaving the future trade relationship between UK and EU completely up for grabs... this explains why he's so pissed if at the Benn Act...

Twitter Web App : #BorisJohnson ⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ scandals are just getting more curious day by day. It now turns out that #CharlotteEdwardes who Boris Johnson fondled, IS #RobertPeston’ GIRLFRIEND. Which now explains why recently Robert Peston has started to remove his head from up Johnson’ Arsehole

Twitter Web App : There’s a lot of wishful thinking out there with how all of this is going down in the real world. Here’s your answer. 👇 #cpc19…