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iPhone : Nine days to go until the G7 summit kicks off in Biarritz and the first posters are up at roundabouts nearby calling President Macron a “cancer” #ca #chauffe

iPhone : I think he should test his talents by redesigning easyJet’s early AM bag drop - a real test #clipped #wings…

iPhone : The Left will spend today pointing to Donald Trump, and the dangers of putting overt racists in the White House. And they will be right. Then tomorrow they will go back to telling us to put the Corbynites into Downing Street.

iPhone : Priti Patel vows to take back control of our streets. MPs may raise an eyebrow over the language but it’ll go down a treat in the shires…

iPhone : First the Corbynites came for the Jews. Then the blacks and the Asians. Soon they will come for all of us > Mail On Sunday >…

iPhone : Three parties’ vote went up in Brecon, Lib Dems, Brexit Party and the Official Monster Raving Loony Party .. Tories down nearly 10% and Labour down 12%!

iPhone : Cry Free-Dom. Liz Truss turbocharges (..) plans for up to 10 Freeports across the U.K., likely sites incl Teesside, Liverpool and Belfast…

iPhone : Sources tonight re Boris Johnson’s IMF nomination. “It’s definitely going to be George.” People dismissing EU deadline as nothing more than an attempt to bounce UK into a decision. #buckstopswithGeorge #fearnomore

Twitter Web App : The Netherlands has put a limited burka ban into force.

Here are the European countries that have had similar restrictions for years.

Twitter Web App : Someone said to me earlier that part of the No.10 strategy is to get Brexiteers like Mark Francois angry - and vow to vote down any deal..
And hey presto!…

Twitter Web App : Some atmosphere here at the 16th most atmospheric ground in the world... 😂🤷‍♂️

Twitter Web App : Scores of celebrities and the rich have arrived in Sicily for a Google conference. They came in 114 private jets and a flotilla of super yachts. The conference is on global warming.

Twitter Web App : TUC could call 5 million workers out on a “workday stoppage” in solidarity with Greta Thunberg under motion tabled for Congress - insiders claim it has “lost its marbles”…