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Bio actor… Looking For Eric, Rev In The Flesh One Of Us. Dick head 🤷‍♂️and Cunt
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iPhone : Currently waiting at the doctors in the waiting room and the pain I’m feeling now is awful because Steve Wright from Steve Wright In The Afternoon has come on the radio. Aargh I want to kill myself rather than listen to the brown nosing bell end.

iPhone : It’s like these MP’s go apeshit if someone calls them a liar, they go apeshit the Speaker goes apeshit and it’s all over the news. They are Fucking liars, they spend all their careers lying to us again and again and then cry when it’s pointed out. Cunts.

iPhone : The country is in a right mess politically and socially and there’s a massive news article because Corbyn called May A Stupid Woman. WTF he should have called her an inept moron and that would have been fine.

iPhone : It’s a well known fact that before The Drawing Board was invented, when someone failed at something they had nothing to go back to.

iPhone : My new invention didn’t come to much. I thought I’d invented a revolutionary new material that became wetter the more it dries. Then someone told me it already exists and is called a towel. To say I was disappointed is an understatement,ah well back to the drawing board 👍