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iPhone : Did you forget that I was opposed to GamerGate? What women have I “stood by or cheered” as they were “trolled or hounded out of industries,” pray tell? Brianna Wu went from nothing into a congressional candidate and Zoe Quinn has the best job she’s ever had working in comics. twitter.com/pennyred/statu…

iPhone : NEW Ilhan Omar update:

I am publishing new, exclusive material on Ilhan Omar tomorrow.

I focus on a key piece of unpublished info contradicting Omar’s public statements. Due to its nature, I’m hopeful this info leaves MN media feeling it has no choice but to follow up.


iPhone : Lottie Bevan Call our culture is a favorite pastime for bored people who get to feel good about their empty lives by spamming feigned outrage on the internet. It’s blood sport, as you’ve said—akin to shoving a man into an angry mob and rejoicing as he’s ripped limb from metaphorical limb.

iPhone : i’d like something good to come out of these last three weeks. so here’s a think piece on the fallout of call-out, and why i don’t think it’s the solution we’re looking for. bit.ly/2mkyX7D

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Indeed, Mr. President!

They use the weasel word “credible” to pretend their smears against Brett Kavanaugh are serious.

It’s time for all conservatives to treat the New York Times like the partisan, left-wing propaganda mill it is.


Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Indeed. The idea that there are "credible" accusations (and that only Democrats can make them) is something the Left uses to weaponize their baseless claims against good men like Brett Kavanaugh. humanevents.com/2019/09/17/inc…

iPhone : Disagree. The Saudis have the means to respond, and it is up to them to facilitate a response to the attack. The United States is not the world’s military. Our allies can and will protect their territorial sovereignty. twitter.com/mdubowitz/stat…