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Twitter for iPad : BREAKING UPDATE: Major damage, rescue operations ongoing after tornado hits in Dallas.

Twitter for iPad : WTF NEWS:

One of the first scenes that NBC 5 crews arrived at was the Floors Masters building along Harry Hines Boulevard, just south of Walnut Hill Lane. The entire front of the building collapsed.…

Twitter for iPad : White House trump tool Mick Mulvaney struggled today on Fox News to deny earlier remarks when he admitted Trump wanted a quid pro quo for as a condition of aid to Ukraine. Mick Mulvaney totally fell apart when Chris Wallace replayed the tape…

Twitter for iPad : Thomas D'Alesandro III passed away at 90 in his Baltimore home as his sister returned to the U.S. from a surprise diplomatic trip to Jordan.

Rest In Peace Thomas D'Alesandro III


Twitter for iPad : Tulsi Gabbard, noted Assad apologist and 2020 third party voter bait, endorsed by Steve Bannon and David Duke and a regular on Tucker Carlsons show, polling at 1% with actual Democrats but beloved by Russia and the far right, has opinions about being called a stooge, apparently.

Twitter for iPad : Jared Kushner was in the process of reaching out to at least 2 potential replacements for the top West Wing job shortly before House Democrats moved ahead with their impeachment inquiry

Will Mulvaney roll on Trump if fired?


Twitter for iPad : I was certain the Russians owned trump. Then it looked like the Saudis had him. Next Ukraine got a piece of the action, & now Turkey. Our President isn’t for sale, he’s a cheap time-share



Twitter for iPad : President Pelosi leads group of American lawmakers on surprise visit to Jordan yesterday to discuss "the deepening crisis" in Syria amid a shaky US-brokered cease-fire.



Twitter for iPad : The US promised to build beach resort in North Korea during nuclear talks two weeks ago.

Trump Resort at Kalma beach


Twitter for iPad : Another Trump resort, this time in North Korea.

US negotiators dangled a Trumpian carrot before North Korean diplomats during nuclear talks two weeks ago: a promise to complete and expand a tourist resort that has been a favorite project of Kim Jong-un.…

Twitter for iPad : Rep. Kathleen Rice (D., N.Y.) has asked the state committee in charge of licenses for NY attorneys to begin an investigation into what she calls misconduct by Creepy Rudy, Idiot Trump’s personal lawyer, saying she believes he should be disbarred.…

Twitter for iPad : What? No G-7 Bedbug summit?

Impeachment is bad for Donnie’s resume.../…