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TweetDeck : #OtD 14 Sep 1911 1000s of schoolchildren in Dundee walked out of lessons demanding more holidays and less corporal punishment. Marching armed with sticks and stones, they pulled other children out and attacked schools which were still open…

iPhone : Home sec Priti Patel MP and PM Boris Johnson know there will be few #tory voters on the streets tomorrow. All they care about is general election, so they use police to criminalise young people’s right to protest for a liveable future #schoolstrike4climate…

Twitter Web App : LAmour et la Revolucion / #Love & #Revolution - a proper #ChristmasDay2018 message! For when the TV gets too boring - a topical, moving & political film classic -…

iPhone : We’re really looking forward to running sessions on political education, worker photography, and In And Against the State at this weekend’s The World Transformed festival in Brighton! Come along…

Twitter Web App : My energy is so high. Have to calm myself and get ready for tonight. Last minute tickets, or get them on the door. See you guys tonight!…

Twitter Web App : ‘I have seen first-hand that a group of dedicated and diverse people, without any formal power, can turn around an entire parliament. Simply by putting their hearts and heads together.’ Adam Weymouth speaks to those preparing for the #ClimateStrike…

Twitter Web App : If youre attending the #StopDSEI protests in east London, a reminder that the legal observers volunteering as part of the independent Netpol / Activist Court Aid Brigade /@gbclegal collective, organised for the duration of this week, are wearing orange bibs - with a number on the front.

Buffer : Local action is often the best remedy for the failings of the current system — a worldwide confederation of democratic communities can have the same impact at a global scale, argues Brian Tokar…

Twitter Web App : Women are told that our suffering is “natural”. We strike to reject that lie, for an end to a global system that violently destroys lives, communities and environments everywhere.
Our work keeps the world turning. What happens when we stop?
#westrike #womenstrikeforclimate

Twitter Web App : In advance of tomorrow’s #GlobalClimateStrike, police forces are sharing an Instagram video urging young people taking part in protests to talk to Police Liaison Officers. As we’ve said so many times, blue-bibbed PLOs are first and foremost intelligence gatherers and best avoided : Chile: Explosive device at the headquarters of the Chilean police was deactivated a few hours before the arrival of President Piñera

iPhone : CN suicide

utterly devastating. A 4th unaccompanied young person from Eritrea, all part of the same friendship group, all seeking asylum in Britain, has commit suicide.

Imagine what these teenagers had already faced, and what they faced to get here.…

iPhone : The tragic & upsetting story of the woman who died after setting herself on fire in Barnet Council offices.

Austerity has caused too much suffering and loss of lives....

Pushed to desperation by eviction notices & rent arrears due to the bedroom tax.…

Android : The FocusE15 estate occupation started a huge and important wave of squatting and occupying housing estates across London against gentrification and demolition throughout 2014-15. The Aylesbury in partic has a special place in my heart.
Up the squatters - Up the estates.…

Android : might you be able to support people if they get nicked in London at the #GlobalClimateStrike? It’s very easy, requires no prior experience, and is essential for supporting people! Email and we’ll tell you exactly what to do

Android : Our monthly meeting tomorrow is on experiences of being lgbtqia+, Capitalism and Mental Health Common House First half will be discussion, second half solidarity and support. All welcome x…

iPhone : Im so sick of people saying shit about Marxists so lets say something nice:

Marx got capital bang to rights!
Engels gave Marx some money!
Pannekoek was an astronomer!
Glaberman had one of the best critiques of unions!
CLR James amazing historian!

iPhone : Banks got bailed out, people got sold out.

Austerity took more than a 120,000 people’s lives #bbcqt

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Twitter for iPad : Austerity killed people. It continues to kill people. And the politicians who voted for it should be reminded of what they’ve done every single day.

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iPhone : Jess Rotherham I think - it’s different for me seeing ppl who follow u, also following fascists/racists. It doesn’t read as ~popping the filter bubble~ in that context, n tbh acc what good does popping the filter bubble rly do me? What benefit do I get from that exposure? It j isn’t it (for me)

Twitter Web App : Report on the protests at the DSEI arms fair earlier this month, organised in opposition to the state sanctioned terrorism that the arms fair promotes and profits from ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻…

Twitter Web App : 🥕Want to get involved in Food Not Bombs?🥕 We always need ppl to cook, share food & find/collect food donations! We share food every 1st & 3rd Sat of the month outside 7 Sisters Station + for meetings/events. Get in touch if you can help out ✨

Twitter Web App : Austerity wasnt just a bloodless balancing of the books, people paid for it with their lives.
Ash Sarkar on #BBCQT

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Twitter Web App : Join our protest party this eve at Marian Court - Sisters for Safe Housing. See you at 6.30!…

iPhone : We are a community-led youth project for refugees and asylum-seekers. We run a weekly youth club and offer activities and support to young people from the Horn of Africa living in London. Please support us! Thank you.…

Twitter Web App : erbody hates wework. join CAIWU ongoing protest against them if you can

(tomorrow) September 18th at 10am
Bank, No 1 Poultry, 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ

iPhone : When we gunna realise that non binary things are not NEW! We are not an add on. People existing outside of definitions of man and women is as old as man and women. Let’s get over this so we can actually move towards collective freedom bishhh!

Twitter Web App : Congratulations to Ekua Bayunu on her selection tonight as Labours council candidate for Hulme in 2020. We know youll make a brilliant representative for the area on the council. 🌹👏

Twitter Web App : One of Ultra-red will be in Porto Alegre, Brasil this November / December. Looking as always for places and people to work with. If you can help or pass this on thats great! Thanks. We got lots to say and explore together on Art and Community Struggles.

iPhone : HEY! Im looking to speak young UK guys who are either on PrEP or are considering going on it for a story. people in their late teens and early 20s. is this you? if so please hit me up! 🙏🏽

Its for a wider feature, Ill need lots of other voices soon!

Android : Go to this, then have lunch, then my workshop on social media with Richard Seymour at 3pm, then a break, then Acid Corbynism at 7:30pm with Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn including a situationist style drift through Brighton, thats your Monday #TWT19 schedule…

Twitter Web App : 📢We are fundraising for our childrens project. Our volunteers look after 40+ children each week & run fun activities for young people including dance, arts & crafts, and football. Can you help us to cover the costs? Pls support if you can & share widely

TweetDeck : Early call out to get involved in #Afest 2020! Put your own anarchist-related event on in May 2020 and we will promote it. The plan is to have events across UK and Ireland demonstrating the breadth of anarchist activity on these islands. Details:

Twitter Web App : Make no mistake, this is a very British coup. Whatever one’s views on Brexit, once you allow a Prime Minister to prevent the full and free operation of our democratic institutions you are on a very precarious path.…

Twitter Web App : I’m so proud of the mysterious fellow New Yorkers who put these ads up. As the MTA & NYPD continue to police poor communities of color, these guerrilla ads are a good reminder that folks are trying to address this systemic racism💪🏼

Twitter Web App : Guy Guy Smallman is an experienced and professional news photographer who is never far away from the action. This is disturbing and has implications for every journalism covering protest 👇…

iPhone : Theres nothing quite like the feeling you get when the head of HR of an outsourcing company accidentally sends you an email where they reveal they are giving in to one of your main campaign demands. 😹😹😹…

Android : Getting #ClimateStrike ready in the Global Witness office! #StrikeWithUs at 11.30 at Millbank ✊✊✊

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iPhone : Schools ABC campaign on this issue and want to hear from any parents receiving worrying letters asking for evidence of settled status/passports. Please email them on
Further information can be found in their statement here:…

Android : Yes, there is an ethical smartfone! 🤳Get along to the Co-operative Showcase today & tmrw (20th) Aizlewoods Mill get inspired! #Sheffieldissuper #HeritageOpenDay 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝…

Twitter Web App : Austerity killed 120,000 people. We cant let the Tories forget it. Brilliant takedown from Ash Sarkar

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You can view and comment on the plan on our *new website* - please help by commenting in support of our application + retweeting !!

#LatinVillageFightsBack 🥊👇

Twitter Web App : The police interrupted a Quakers in Britain Meeting for Worship yesterday then made 50+ arrests.

I want to tell you the story.

First off, it was big. Very big. Outside of a Yearly Meeting, I have never in 33 years of being a Quaker seen a Meeting this big.

Twitter Web App : Gonna try to bring more of our incredible archive to the world through Twitter, for people who cant come and visit us at Crampton Street. Will try to do irregular threads of histories relevant to todays struggles!

iPhone : Want to help us out and have your content featured on our feeds at the same time?

Send your strike videos 📽️ and photos 📷 to us so we can share them.

See how below ⬇️⬇️

#ClimateStrike #GlobalClimateStrike UKSCN 🌍

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iPhone : Every art and design event needs to be announced online with a GIF, an animation. But in reality, this moving image rarely adds anything to the message apart from an extra layer of hypnotic consumption. Static images are uninteresting ads unfulfilling its seduction potential.

Twitter Web App : 📝Dont miss this story Anya VerKamp (⧖) on Uneven Earth. Fiction o reality? After the crisis followed rural life. Groups of young, overeducated, and underemployed Europeans arrived to squat and fix up abandoned farmhouses in what historians would call the ‘urban exodus’ of the 2020s…

Twitter Web App : Im incredibly excited to be part of a panel on the last day of The World Transformed. Well be discussing the intersection of immigration and crime in a session designed for maximum participation. Come come come!…

iPhone : Periodic reminder: I am pro-fanfic re my works. Like, any fanfic. Kink em up. Make em clowns. Do a 200,000-word AU in which they all live with the Sailor Senshi. I cant look at it (I wish!) so dont send it to me, but it will give me great joy just to know that it exists.

Building digital tools for the grassroots. We are a nonprofit workers cooperative of software engineers, designers and organisers.

Socialist || Labour || Unite the Union || Gay || He/Him | Microsoft Mixed Reality Designer || views are my own

Twitter Web App : Solucionismo tecnológico + tráfico de datos

qué pereza, de verdad…

iPhone : max k Which isn’t a specific problem with antifacist organising but an expression of the broad dislocation of the left from non-activist layers of society, and the fact that so much of the last couple of years has, by necessity, been firefighting fash actions

iPhone : Almost 750,000 views & still silence from BBC1. If you agree its completely unacceptable for BBC1 to report pledges broken by the Government as promises broken by the “NHS” Please RT. If we make it a million this weekend maybe they will take notice!

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Twitter Web App : yang kontolbgt kalo udah semua orang turun ke jalan adalah lit-elit sewa sipil buat dibenturin sama rang-orang yang pada turun di jalan. jokowi mania? mahasiswa beralmamater tanpa emblem kampus? yaampun sedibgt bentrok sama pak-bapak yg sering markirin motor sendiri :((

Android : Erich Fromm, “Sevme Sanatı” isimli kitabında şöyle der; ”bir insana kendi kendime yetemediğim için bağlıysam, o kişi ancak bir can simidi olabilir, aradaki bağın sevgiyle hiçbir ilgisi yoktur. Mantığa aykırı görünse de yalnız kalabilme becerisi, sevme becerisinin koşuludur.”

Android : During the last election we had less than 200k followers but still managed to be the 3rd most retweeted account in the UK

We doubt Boris Johnson will be happy with what we can do with thousands more this time around

So please follow and RT to help make our team even bigger

LGM Revive : From the Archive; When Irrational Fear Of Things Stops The Creative Dead The Irrational Fear Of Things
The irrational fear of things is very prominent within the… #creativity #amwriting #humanperformance

Twitter Web App : Join us! The change of season is so inspiring to use in our writing.…

Android : British democracy has been in a state of crisis that has enabled the Tories to push through their agendas, both before and after Brexit. Boris suspension of parliament is just a new form of this crisis. Remain or Leave voter, Boris brexit wont represent the people. Oppose him.…

Twitter Web App : Justin Trudeaus policies have been devastating to First Nations tribes, but it takes blackface for him to potentially be facing consequences. I mean something like this recent incident was bound to happen, but we shouldve called him out before all of this.

iPhone : “As doctors, we must continue to speak out against this policy, which harms us all: vulnerable people are denied care, public health is compromised, and the founding ethos of the NHS is undermined”… by Dr Helen Salisbury The BMJ

Twitter Web App : This weekend on 6400 and 6955USB. early-hours politics and music. Anti Fascist and Anti government on the political pirate station See you there....

iPhone : is the rise in remakes because of hollywood or are we less receptive to new concepts?