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TweetDeck : #OtD 14 Sep 1911 1000s of schoolchildren in Dundee walked out of lessons demanding more holidays and less corporal punishment. Marching armed with sticks and stones, they pulled other children out and attacked schools which were still open…

iPhone : XR would like you to write a little history of your activism... for the police. I mean you think they couldnt possibly make a worse move and then bosh...

Folks. Please.
Sort your shit out.

XR Rebels, DO NOT DO THIS and please push your leadership to present better projects.

iPhone : Two years ago we reclaimed Holloway Prison calling for the land to be used for public good.

Now everything we fought for is being threatened....

Come along to Sisters Learn to find out how you can join the fight for a radical women’s building and social housing.

GroupTweet : A fifth of UK fresh food imports from areas at risk of climate chaos, MPs warn… #lbc #bbcbreakfast #goodmorningbritain #r4today #extinctionrebellion #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate #olsx

Twitter Web App : LAmour et la Revolucion / #Love & #Revolution - a proper #ChristmasDay2018 message! For when the TV gets too boring - a topical, moving & political film classic -…

iPhone : Join MDR at #TWT19

We will be showing off the archive in all these session:

📕Political Education: From the archive to resistance ✊

🚩In and Against the State🏛

📽Film is a Weapon✊

The World Transformed

Buffer : Tickets are selling fast for the launch of our new Outspoken series 🥂

Be there or be square.... Thursday 19th September / 7-9pm Foyles Bookshop Charing Cross:…

Twitter Web App : Have you purchased poet, writer, & librarian 🧜🏽‍♂️ cyrée jarelle 🐚’s debut book, SLINGSHOT, yet? Get your copy & also pre-order the love WITH accountability anthology edited by Aishah S. Simmons! His chapter is titled, “Social Silence and Sexual Violence.”

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Twitter Web App : Officially, there are just under 7,000 workplace raids a year. Immigration Compliance and Enforcement (ICE) squads carried out 23,413 “deployments” in just under three and a half years, from April 2015 to August 2018. Resist the raids #antiraids…

Twitter Web App : If youre attending the #StopDSEI protests in east London, a reminder that the legal observers volunteering as part of the independent Netpol / Activist Court Aid Brigade /@gbclegal collective, organised for the duration of this week, are wearing orange bibs - with a number on the front.

Twitter Web App : Last tickets available for tomorrows talk with Kehinde Andrews discussing what a renewed politics of Black radicalism might look like in the 21st century.……

Android : Absolutely delighted with the news member-owned Clapton CFC has been offered the opportunity to take over the lease of Londons oldest senior football ground and is committed to returning the Old Spotted Dog Ground in Forest Gate to genuine community use…

iPhone : Anyone who is outraged about the racist stereotyping of the #KnifeFree #ChickenBox might want to donate at least the cost of a takeaway to United Borders who are doing the real work on the streets with young people against youth violence and for community.…

iPhone : Oh Ive just noticed everything is even more fucked back home than when I left. Maybe living our the rest of my days at this airport is for the best.

iPhone : LONDON FAMILY! Join us this Friday for the Global Strike as we lend our forces to UKSCN 🌍 and all climate strikers. We will be marching in the migrant justice bloc, because there can be no climate justice without racial justice.
See you there 🌍🌱🌻❤️✊🏾…

iPhone : The tragic & upsetting story of the woman who died after setting herself on fire in Barnet Council offices.

Austerity has caused too much suffering and loss of lives....

Pushed to desperation by eviction notices & rent arrears due to the bedroom tax.…

Twitter Web App : When homeless households are able to access the secure, social/council housing they need, Universal Credit, Benefit Cap & benefit freezes have made it very difficult to maintain the tenancy, especially in 1st probationary year. We have supported lots of our members w this problem

Android : Our monthly meeting tomorrow is on experiences of being lgbtqia+, Capitalism and Mental Health Common House First half will be discussion, second half solidarity and support. All welcome x…

iPhone : Any voters the Lib Dems win over with their new Brexit stance — presumably voters willing to ignore its willingness to welcome illiberal MPs with open arms — are likely to be sorely disappointed if the Lib Dems do get a stab at power in a coalition.…

iPhone : My watercolour calendar from January ‘Another World is Possible’ 🌍 to December ‘Love is out there’ 🐼🦋🦊🐝🌈🐞
You can get one here>…

Twitter for iPad : . Unite the union are putting on coaches to the Demonstration 29 Sept - if you are a Unite member book your space now!

Twitter Web App : URGENT: Today we issued proceedings to stop removal of anyone detained in Heathrow detention centres following detainee’s tragic death at Harmondsworth IRC last Thursday. Stay granted for 3 detainees who may have information about his death; still pursuing stay on all removals

Twitter Web App : 🥕Want to get involved in Food Not Bombs?🥕 We always need ppl to cook, share food & find/collect food donations! We share food every 1st & 3rd Sat of the month outside 7 Sisters Station + for meetings/events. Get in touch if you can help out ✨

Twitter Web App : Join our protest party this eve at Marian Court - Sisters for Safe Housing. See you at 6.30!…

iPhone : We are a community-led youth project for refugees and asylum-seekers. We run a weekly youth club and offer activities and support to young people from the Horn of Africa living in London. Please support us! Thank you.…

Twitter Web App : erbody hates wework. join CAIWU ongoing protest against them if you can

(tomorrow) September 18th at 10am
Bank, No 1 Poultry, 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ

Android : Perhaps its just age talking but Dennis Potter really seems like a figure from an alien age. A working-class writer, unashamedly intellectual and writing dramas for mass audiences which didnt shy away from being demanding.

Twitter Web App : Bring your cleaners, security and porters IN-HOUSE NOW UCL!

DEADLINE DAY is set for 7 October 👀

End OUTSOURCING or face a powerful campaign from UCLs outsourced workers and the IWGB union 🔥🌊🌪️⚡️💥

Twitter Web App : One of Ultra-red will be in Porto Alegre, Brasil this November / December. Looking as always for places and people to work with. If you can help or pass this on thats great! Thanks. We got lots to say and explore together on Art and Community Struggles.

iPhone : it’s all kicking off at the RuPauls Drag Race UK launch event 🚨🚨🚨

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Android : Daw

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Twitter Web App : 📢We are fundraising for our childrens project. Our volunteers look after 40+ children each week & run fun activities for young people including dance, arts & crafts, and football. Can you help us to cover the costs? Pls support if you can & share widely

TweetDeck : Early call out to get involved in #Afest 2020! Put your own anarchist-related event on in May 2020 and we will promote it. The plan is to have events across UK and Ireland demonstrating the breadth of anarchist activity on these islands. Details:

Twitter Web App : Make no mistake, this is a very British coup. Whatever one’s views on Brexit, once you allow a Prime Minister to prevent the full and free operation of our democratic institutions you are on a very precarious path.…

Twitter Web App : If you live in london, and youre a trans guy, trans masculine, nonbinary, or anyone who has a vagina and is not a woman - get your smear tests done at CliniQ CIC or 56T

Free, trans friendly services where you wont have to worry about being misgendered ❤ #endsmearfear…

iPhone : ✊Calling all comrades!⚡️Tomorrow we are protesting the recent dismissals of four of our members from their jobs at WeWork UK. We need your support! Come down and show solidarity ✊at 10am tomorrow outside No 1, Poultry, EC2R 8EJ. more here-

iPhone : ✊Calling all comrades!⚡️Tomorrow we are protesting the recent dismissals of four of our members from their jobs at WeWork UK. We need your support! Come down and show solidarity ✊at 10am tomorrow outside No 1, Poultry, EC2R 8EJ. more here-

iPhone : Schools ABC campaign on this issue and want to hear from any parents receiving worrying letters asking for evidence of settled status/passports. Please email them on
Further information can be found in their statement here:…


I found yet another Islamophobic candidate among the Brexit Party’s prospective intake. He’s just resigned, but it still begs the question of what kind of vetting the The Brexit Party are doing on their candidates.…


You can view and comment on the plan on our *new website* - please help by commenting in support of our application + retweeting !!

#LatinVillageFightsBack 🥊👇

Twitter Web App : The police interrupted a Quakers in Britain Meeting for Worship yesterday then made 50+ arrests.

I want to tell you the story.

First off, it was big. Very big. Outside of a Yearly Meeting, I have never in 33 years of being a Quaker seen a Meeting this big.

Twitter Web App : Gonna try to bring more of our incredible archive to the world through Twitter, for people who cant come and visit us at Crampton Street. Will try to do irregular threads of histories relevant to todays struggles!

iPhone : Every art and design event needs to be announced online with a GIF, an animation. But in reality, this moving image rarely adds anything to the message apart from an extra layer of hypnotic consumption. Static images are uninteresting ads unfulfilling its seduction potential.

iPhone : turns out couriers delivering for Royal Mail are being royally exploited, forced to spend 25% of their income on the costs of the job and driven to working 16 hour shifts after pay cuts.
watch and share the vid, even if only for the filthy soundtrack..…

Twitter Web App : thinkpieces about influencers are multi-dimensional megafold useless why analyse something that can cease to affect anyone if its just ignored, unless its just a smug ploy to show off ponce taxonomy prowess angling for a cheeky fitzcarraldo edition

Twitter Web App : Even as the Spanish economy crashed, as Catalonia seized independence via civil war, as the European Union broke up, and as the climate crisis brought refugees across the Mediterranean and wreaked havoc on global supply chains, people still needed to drink.…

Twitter Web App : “The core of irony is almost always a passionate commitment which can’t be expressed in any other way.” Richard Seymour

And hence the left can’t say “comrade” un-ironically. The term signals a “passionate commitment” to building a world of equals. You feel weird saying/meaning it.

iPhone : Periodic reminder: I am pro-fanfic re my works. Like, any fanfic. Kink em up. Make em clowns. Do a 200,000-word AU in which they all live with the Sailor Senshi. I cant look at it (I wish!) so dont send it to me, but it will give me great joy just to know that it exists.

Twitter Web App : The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung publishes an article on biometric humanitarianism also referencing the work of our Research Associate Ariana Dongus at HfG Karlsruhe on that topic…

Android : Just a reminder that we will be hosting an info session next Monday at 6:30pm. Come through and find out more about us! 🌏🌈👋🏼
#techforgood #education #technology…

ज़रीन मुहम्मद 🌶 A cowboy in the art world @thewhitepube ///--________•_\\\_______*~•,________\\\|_\ _____🌶🌶_____🌶(^・-_________\\\☆________—/—(she/her)

Twitter Web App : Sur lévacuation de #GrandeSynthe:

- Nb de places suffisantes dans les bus
- Présence représentants locaux de lEtat et de lOFII
- Début opération 7h
- Personnes évacuées pas informées destination des bus avant le départ
- ~100 véhicules forces de lordres et 2 avions mobilisés

Twitter Web App : There are 3 kinds of confidence: exoskeleton confidence, airbag confidence, and confidence

Twitter Web App : If youve said Bernies support is too white but youre supporting Warren now, youre at peak hypocrisy.

Bernie has the only base thats majority non-white, while Warrens base is 71% white.

Ask yourself why the media doesnt bring this up, then ditch Warren.

IFTTT : Data Knightmare (Italian podcast): DK 4x02 - La disruption del colon…

Twitter Web App : We’ve launched a Bandcamp page and have a variety of talks, readings & music due to come online soon.

First up are two talks from our Towards A Progressive Magic event on the shape of the esoteric far right The Horse Hospital by Amy Hale and Hawthonn

Twitter Web Client : What role do social entrepreneurs play in experimenting where the government can’t? Rather than seeing social entrepreneurship and government at opposing ends - how do we see them as complementary? Our Ops Lead, Gina, will explore further at #GOVIS2019

Twitter Web App : Face surveillance is being used by police and private companies across the UK.

Its intrusive and authoritarian, and doesnt belong in a democracy.

The public dont want to live in a police state. Ban live facial recognition.

- Griff Ferris on BBC News (World)

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