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Bio Chief Scientist at BirdLife International, the worlds largest partnership of nature conservation organisations
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iPhone : When you piss off the wrong bird...

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iPhone : Renewed push for oil drilling in sage #grouse territory reflects "a deep denial about both the dire condition of grouse populations and climate change,” says ABC's Steve Holmer. Latest via @Guardian:…

iPhone : One of the more bizarre stories of the week...Endangered Hawaiian monk seals keep getting eels stuck up their noses…

iPhone : Shes Baaaaaack! Wisdom - worlds oldest known wild bird- returned to Midway Atoll NWR on 11/29 and laid an egg! Wisdom was first identified and banded by biologists as an adult in 1956 – making her at LEAST 6⃣8⃣ years old! #Wisdom (1)

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iPhone : A recent study estimates that 2,300 vultures have been poisoned across the Balkan Peninsula during the last 20 years. Read more:

iPhone : As we fight over the next two weeks to increase ambition for #nature in climate policy, we must ensure it is grounded in sound #biodiversity science. Some thoughts in a new blog post as COP24 kicks off…

iPhone : From media stars to Australian school children, the message is clear: leaders, it’s time to start showing true leadership.…

iPhone : On the #RemembranceDayforLostSpecies a reminder that the once lost Jerdons Courser may be gone for good, it is coming up on 10 years… since anyone has seen one #ornithology 1/2

iPhone : "I've studied this issue carefully, and there is no consensus among reputable scientists about this"-- John Kennedy. Out of 11,944 papers published in the peer reviewed literature between 1991-2011, only 10 claimed that humans were responsible for less than 50% of the warming.

iPhone : These Australians on #climatestrike from school are heroes. The Australian government might not take this existential crisis seriously, but the children do.…

iPhone : 8 critically endangered SIBERIAN CRANES poisoned nr the Yellow River. Criminals target ducks&geese which they poison with carbofuran, collect, inject with antidote & send to S China for exotic food. As a class 1 protected species, the criminals face stiff penalties if caught.

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iPhone : How do we assess whether we are making progress in our efforts to conserve species? See this new framework for one approach:…

iPhone : The ruthless time squeeze to stay below 2C global warming (66 % chance)
Required mitigation rate:

If we start today: 10%/year
If we wait 10 years: 30%/year
If we had started in 2000: 3 %/year

iPhone : When I was a kid, the Singapore river verged on being an open sewer. And otters were thought extinct on the island.

Here’s what effective green policies can do! #Inspirational #conservation #otters #urbangreening