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Bio Chief Scientist at BirdLife International, the worlds largest partnership of nature conservation organisations
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iPhone : What role does disease play in the decline of albatrosses and large petrels? A new review identifies the pathogens that pose the most severe threats, and the knowledge gaps we need to fill. #ornithology >

iPhone : Only a few pages into Carl Zimmers new book, but already learned something (something an avian systematist should already know...):

pedigree derives from the french pied de grue, as branching family tree diagrams were thought to resemble a cranes foot.

iPhone : One of the coolest species I worked with. The Eurasian Wryneck, aka, the “snake bird”... the neck twisting (snake mimicking) trick is a good way to scare the predators away.

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iPhone : Puffins must have tough tongues to hold half a dozen fish while their beak snaps up another. Anyone ever seen underwater footage of them doing it?…

iPhone : A female Guam kingfisher, which is extinct in the wild, has hatched at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.…

iPhone : This CLAUDIAS LEAF WARBLER at Lingshan shows off its alternate wing-flicking display, unique among the Phylloscopus warblers (helpful when they almost all look the same!). The sound is a second bird close by.

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iPhone : Bulgaria has seen a 21% decrease of farmland birds since they joined the EU in 2005. Vladimir Dobrev, БДЗП explains how its directly linked to intensive agriculture and CAP subsidies. #FutureofCAP #NatureAlert