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Bio If you dont like the news, go out and make some of your own - Wes Scoop Nisker
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iPhone : The trump administration’s corruption... are we really surprised??? ...
like pulling the thread of a sweater...
It’s unraveling before our eyes...

Coverup, distraction, dereliction and lies
Justice is coming, they can no longer hide...

iPhone : The Republicans recognize Trump is a criminal and is impeachable.

Evangelicals know Trump is an adulterer as well as a liar.

Gun nuts know Trump is a draft dodger and coward.

It's impressive to see the number of negatives people will ignore ...

iPhone : .Secretary Pompeo was known as "the Congressman from Koch". (Read Jane Mayer's "Dark Money" to learn more)

Pompeo's evangelical religiosity is dangerous. In 2015 he said, politics is “a never-ending struggle…until the rapture.”.

I wish he'd rapture himself out of the White House.…

iPhone : I hope everyone remember while we had a raving lunatic running loose the Republicans sat back with their thumbs up their ass and did nothing to stop his madness

iPhone : #ImpeachmentTaskForce


October 13 - find your event or plan one 👇

Make sure to RT this widely - let's have a success!!!…

iPhone : You should be proud of where you advertise. If Disney wants to be one of the Republican propaganda channels biggest sponsors then they should be proud of all the concentration camps with kids in them. These are all Disney concentration camps now. Put your logo on them and own it.

iPhone : Trump loses appeal to stop House subpoena of his tax documents - CNNPolitics…

iPhone : President Trump and his son are attacking me because I voted for the impeachment inquiry.

Yesterday, they bussed folks to my office in #GA06 to protest.

I refuse to be intimidated, I will do what is right. Please contribute to help me fight back:……

iPhone : I repeat:

We need major systemic change because next time the fascist won’t be this dumb.

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iPhone : Trump rallies are just refueling stations for an insecure simpleton who knows a majority of the world hates him.

Historians will watch this footage of him miserably preying on the fears of his supporters with disgust.

He’ll be a historic disgraceful stain.


iPhone : The real tea is that Jeff Sessions gets publicly subsidized haircuts to look as self-made as possible before telling everyone else to lift themselves up by their bootstraps.

Wonder how many other Republicans do the same?