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Bio No Lib Dems. They dont believe in democracy and their leader is both racist and ageist
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Twitter Web Client : Just imagine how our heavy industries could boom if we could award contracts like buying our own steel for Crossrail, building our own ships instead of EU laws forcing us to award the contract to Spanish shipyards and dozens more billion pound contracts.

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Twitter Web Client : Just discussing with my Belgian wife whenโ€™s the best time to go and vote tomorrow... iโ€™m going in the afternoon, sheโ€™s going first thing in the morning because sheโ€™s worried sheโ€™ll get stuck at work... thatโ€™s my Belgian wife voting for the The Brexit Party !! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

Twitter Web Client : Hugo Rifkind May pandered to remoan too much and never negotiated properly with the EU.
She is to blame for this but so is every remoaner cabinet member, MP and civil servant.
And don't think we'll forget it because we won't

Twitter Web Client : Channel 4 When you said The Brexit Party had barred you, you failed to say it was because your crew had entered a secure area without permission, lied & refused repeated instructions to leave that area.
You falsely tried to create the impression TBP was censoring you.

Twitter Web Client : Failing to leave the EU on 29 March has cost thousands of British jobs. The collapse of the British steel industry is at the doorstep of this chaotic Conservative Government.

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Twitter Web Client : British Steel has entered insolvency. The government refused to provide a loan, saying the terms requested by the Steel company's owner would've "amounted to unlawful state aid".

Those are EU state aid laws.

And I thought the EU was meant to be good for jobs! Apparently not.

Twitter Web Client : The stunning lack of success of Change UK perhaps suggests that the dark art of Facebook advertising doesnโ€™t have the impact some thought it did in 2016. Change UK Massively Outspend Every Other Party on Facebook - Media Guido order-order.com/2019/05/22/chaโ€ฆ

Twitter Web Client : Billy Bragg . Yes, it was. Amongst others
The problem since the EU ref is that no remoaner has EVER looked at the facts, preferring instead to abuse, denigrate, lecture and patronise.
And now you're reaping the consequences