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iPhone : Congrats to my friend Jedediah Bila. One of the smartest people I know. We almost never agreed on anything on The View (especially your weird love of roller coasters 🙄) but always respectfully disagreed. I’m thrilled for you & FOX & friends.…

iPhone : Definitely #TeamJustin. Chickens go well with a farm house. @hostinshens…

iPhone : From a Republican Transition Staffer: In the face of a Department of Justice policy that prohibited him from indicting a sitting president, Mueller drafted what any reasonable reader would see as a referral to Congress to commence impeachment hearings. 👇🏽…

iPhone : Wow. Elizabeth Warren just made the most powerful case for #impeachment that I've seen from a political leader.

In a nutshell, put EVERY member of the House and Senate on the record whether they support Trump's lawlessness.

It's that simple.

#WarrenTownHall #CNNTownHall

iPhone : A stat worth isolating: Elizabeth Warren's student debt proposal would affect 42 million Americans and would cancel the entirety of student debt for 75 percent of all borrowers…

iPhone : P.S. Don McGahn's lawyer, April 19, 2019:

The details in the Mueller Report are “accurately described.”…

iPhone : 3. Klobuchar: "You said that a president deliberately impairing the integrity or availability of evidence would be obstruction. Is that correct?"

Barr: "Yes"

Klobuchar: "You wrote…that if a president knowingly destroys or alters evidence that would be obstruction?"


iPhone : 2. Greatest criminal exposure for Trump: ordering White House Counsel to create false record (record denying POTUS tried to fire Special Counsel).

Mueller's conclusion: incident satisfies all three elements for obstruction.

(and Trump made "repeated efforts." McGahn refused.)

iPhone : 🚨

Barr 18 memo: if a President...commits any act deliberately impairing the integrity…of evidence, then he, like anyone else, commits the crime of obstruction

Mueller report: Trump ORDERED White House Counsel to create false record to impair ongoing investigation. 1/

iPhone : First poll conducted after the redacted Mueller report came out shows Trump's approval falling to 37%, the lowest level of 2019 - and down from 43% in March after the now infamous and then-misreported Barr letter.

iPhone : “Restrictive administrative assignment” Broward Sheriff ? Does that mean he is still getting paid during the “investigation”?? #JusticeForLucca…