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iPhone : A good friend of mine had the pleasure of going to “The Stump” last night in Galivants Ferry, SC. She was ecstatic and SO inspired by what she heard there! I was hoping to go but duty called. ☹️

iPhone : #KavanaughLied #ImpeachKavanaugh

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iPhone : I don’t feel like we talk enough about the fact that Kavanaugh lied under oath to the United States Senate and the majority of United States Senators didn’t care. twitter.com/jonlemire/stat…

iPhone : Kavanaugh is there bc of cheating
Gorsuch is there bc of cheating
Gerrymandering is cheating
Voter ID laws are cheating
Using stolen emails is cheating
The Electoral College is cheating

Trump treats America like it’s one of his wives. twitter.com/jbendery/statu…

iPhone : A Republican operative under multiple Presidents says: “Donald J. Trump is profoundly compromised, acting just as you would imagine a person with a disordered personality would .... a man who is deeply damaged, an emotional misfit.”

iPhone : #BoycottABC this should be trending after the atrocious airing of despicable hate filled ad ABC allowed during debate. Shameful and disgusting. I am done with ABC. twitter.com/jewishaction/s…

iPhone : When you have legit concerns about police conduct, and the cops threaten to throw you in jail...

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iPhone : We cant allow the NRA to set the terms of this debate. We cant allow people sending death threats to set the terms of this debate. We should be following the lead of the students marching for our lives, who actually want us to do something about gun violence.

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iPhone : Time to VOTE THEM OUT:

Donald tRump (🇷🇺)
Moscow Mitch (KY)
Lindsey Graham (SC)
Cory Gardner (CO)
Martha McSally (AZ)
Thom Tillis (NC)
Susan Collins (ME)
David Perdue (GA)
Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS)
John Cornyn (TX)
Jim Jordan(OH)

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iPhone : Nikki Haley Wow! Where the hell have you been? Didn’t you see this coming? You’re a part of the lowlife GOP who is bringing this country down. You supported the POS squatter in the WH, now you wanna act like you’re surprised? The GOP ALWAYS destroys the economy because of their greed!

iPhone : An anti-vaxxer throwing menstrual blood at California lawmakers today to stop them from passing a pro-vaccine bill that was already signed into law four days ago is the epitome of the type of violent ignorance that is destroying the foundations of our health and our democracy.

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