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Android : Very important notice Re Dennis Hutchings
He's officially being charged 26th Sept at 10 am at Plymouth crown court. Come & support Dennis, please bring your banners/flags to the court from 9 am and show the bastards they can’t grind us down. Come give your support if you can.

Android : Robin Horsfall How many Irish Republican Army soldier boys will be prosecuted? This is a complete travesty of justice. All the IRA murderers were given clearance by their mate Tony Blair. Step up Boris and stop this stupidity.

Android : My son is in the Military and I hope Johnny Mercer MP has enough staff and ammo to defend himself when the onslaught of the Mothers and wives arrive knocking on his door. #Military #militarywives #militarymoms. The war against female fury won’t be a good one…

Android : No we don't want a second referendum. Some politicians are incapable of accepting the result of the first. The Labour Party and Lib Dems continue to thwart Brexit. We need an Election. Our great nation deserves better than this undemocratic parliament.

Android : Lib Dems agree to cancel Brexit without 2nd referendum if they win next election… surely this is going against the communities decision and democracy?

Android : An outstanding performance by the whole team. But the RSM's 13 #MURPHs stands out: 26 miles run, 1300 pull ups, 2600 press ups, 3900 squats in 24 hours 😳 Seriously impressive with some equally impressive recovery now underway! Thanks to all who donated #SwiftandBold #ChosenMen…


Yesterday was a very proud day for some of our young soldiers as they earned their spurs in front of the CO

All five Gunners passed, and they will now go on to learn about riding and parading in ceremonial kit. Well done!


Android : ***BREAKING NEWS*** MPs complain about not being able to do anything for five weeks, having done absolutely nothing for the last 3 years!

Android : In 10mins we start our charity much event. 24 hrs pure grizz.
All to support awareness of mental health issues.
Donation link in the comments. Please support CO 1 RIFLES The Rifles Regiment Glenn Haughton OBE MBA Army Sergeant Major Gavin Paton Fd Army Comd SM

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Android : House of Lords: Remainers are fuming about Lord JAMES public revelations that we have surrendered our armed forces to EU army.

He demands it be made public, as it has been HIDDEN by MSM

Please R/T asking urgent questions of your MPs…

Android : Kate Hoey is right

If the EU know our Parliament will keep kicking the Brexit can down the road, they will gladly acquiesce and take our money

Labour MPs mock, heckle and shout nonsense

RT if you agree that these Labour MPs are mocking 17.4m people


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