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iPhone : X22Report QPosts: MSM Preparing for The Hammer to Fall; Patriots will no longer listen to propaganda but only want the FACTS; Fake News Is Really Fake; Real News Not Being Reported! Indictments Will Be Unsealed #PatriotsAwakened

iPhone : Never get tired of these rags to riches stories. They always seem to leave the context out and just demands that you accept this at face value. Even when a quick google search will tell you that none of these people were poor. Far from it actually. Look no further than Jeff Bezos…

iPhone : Over 100,000 of the Union army soldiers in the civil war were under the age of 15.

The average age of a soldier killed on D-day was 22 years old.

Today, we deal with men that cry and boycott if conservatives are schedule to speak on their campuses.


iPhone : @1StrugleOfKurds's account has been withheld in Turkey in response to a legal demand. Learn more.

iPhone : 🚨 Joy Reid And Guest Fantasize About Ivanka Being Arrested: Only Way Were Really Going To Get To Trump Is If You Go After His Kids (VIDEO)!!!

Is This A Threat?


iPhone : The NRA is NOT a racist, KKK White Supremist organization. The millionaire, political and MSM gun grabbers would have you believe otherwise. #OutOfMyColdDeadHands #2A #lilbulli 🇺🇸❤️

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iPhone : This weeks winner of the Special Snowflake Award goes to Michael Cohen. The convicted liar and theres more too come!

The Special Snowflake Award is given out every Sunday at 6pm. The poll starts Friday morning.

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iPhone : When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
~President Donald J. Trump.
#SundayMorning #Sundaythoughts #SundayFunday #MAGA #tcot #FoxNews

iPhone : Never seen anything so accurate in my life before 😂🤣😂


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iPhone : If you cherish your health, I would ignore Obama and listen to the Judge.
Obama Pushes People To ‘Sign Up’ After Judge Rules Socialist Healthcare Unconstitutional… via CDP

iPhone : James Comey Last week you confessed on national TV that you oh-so-cleverly, gleefully, and deliberately breached all protocols and any semblance of ethics, to ensnare the new administration and Flynn in your carefully calculated perjury trap.
The “paragon of virtue” act is getting old.

iPhone : These ladies are FAKERS. #1 clue, the name Republican Women for Progress. Intelligent GOP women know progress is code for communist. and #2 funded ONLY by 3 liberal billionaires:

Republican PAC that Attacks GOP Bankrolled by Liberal Billionaires…