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Bio Film Critic at TIME. Stargazer. Never met a two-tone shoe I didnt like.
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iPhone : Collect em all! @Time wins 3 NYNewswomen Front Page Awards this year:

Stephanie Zacharek for Essay

Krisanne Johnson and Collier Schorr for Feature Photography.

Natalie Keyssar for Photography Essay.………

Twitter Web App : Saw this in my print newspaper today and teared up. I delivered The Plain Dealer in Cleveland when I was a kid. Job’s changed-no longer kid stuff, no collecting.But still vital. Thanks to all who bring us the paper. #NationalNewspaperCarrierDay #ThanksNewsies

Twitter Web App : Oh, he was lovely. I did an onstage Q&A with him at the Hammer Museum a few years back, after a screening of Medium Cool. He brought gifts for me and the museum people running the event, a weighty, beautifully designed letter opener. Just because! Farewell, Robert Forster. ❤️

Twitter Web App : Douglas Moran (Also I just caught "to" rather than "too" in first tweet, arrgh.) Maybe A.O. Scott's (excellent) "Better Living Through Criticism" will give you better, or more detailed, answers?

Twitter Web App : Douglas Moran personal range of experiences to help illuminate a work—or help carve out some sort of path to understanding—for others. Not to dictate, but to open up one way of thinking. I know that's maddeningly unspecific, but it's the general answer I give when asked this question. >

Twitter Web App : Douglas Moran Hi Douglas! I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your question, but it is way to complicated to answer in even a series of Tweets. The very short answer—my own personal answer—is that no, a critic isn't an audience surrogate, but rather someone who uses his/her/their >

iPhone : Every time those Lev-n-Igor mugshots pop up, I need to make sure I haven't just had a swig from my coffee mug. Those two are a Danny Thomas spit-take waiting to happen.