Twitter Web Client : You've been filling anthologies with detailed annotations over two years. Use the next week to condense your notes into this five page booklet: theme grid, essay plans and key info for each of your preferred comparison poems. #AQAEnglishLit #TeamEnglish…

iPhone : here’s some an inspector calls quotes for tomorrow. good luck everyone 💕 RT to help some people out (continued in replies) #AQAEnglishLit #GCSEs2019

iPhone : AQA to the whole of Year 11 asking for London as the named poem: #GCSEs2019 #AQAEnglishLit

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iPhone : Tissue on its way to make many year 11s in the country cry in pain tomorrow morning #AQAEnglishLit

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iPhone : Okay but like if The Prelude or Tissue comes up I’m pulling an Eva Smith idec. “But why don’t you revise them instead of complaining on Twitter” shut up. #AqaEnglishLit

iPhone : ‘explore how poets present ideas of war in both tissue and-‘ #aqaenglishlit

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iPhone : #AQAEnglishLit #GCSEs2019 Tissue on its way to bring those grade boundaries right back down