iPhone : Ana Frank habría cumplido hoy 90 años. Fue justamente #UnDíaComoHoy, en 1942, cuando Ana comenzó a escribir su diario: un testimonio de coraje para toda la humanidad que jamás debemos olvidar.

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Twitter Web App : Taking town the #AnneFrank exhibition at SF Public Library. Thank you for having us this summer, commemorating her 90th birthday. Next stop: Sacramento! #anne90

Twitter Web App : #AnneFrank would have turned 90 today.

On this very same day in 1942, on her 13th birthday, she began her Diary, a symbol of the fight for human dignity.

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Android : The #diary of #AnneFrank was published #onthisday 25 June 1947, just over 5 years after Annes 13th birthday, the day she received her diary. On 29 March 1944, Anne wrote: Imagine how interesting it would be if I published a novel about the Secret Annex. #diaryannefrank #Anne90

Twitter Web App : Anne Frank's legacy is her indomitable spirit and refusal to sacrifice her values. She inspires #hope, revealing the beauty and tragedy of human connection. She lives on in the hearts of millions who must now build the more compassionate world she envisioned. #Anne90