iPhone : #ApologizeToSeungri is trending and I couldn’t be more happier for this. He does not deserve all the hate and honestly I can’t even fathom how hard it must be for him to live with these ridiculous and cruel allegations.

Android : Can u believe that Kang journalist obsession started when she saw BB ep in radio star tv show & felt they were so Huge for her taste, then she decided that they need to go down !
So her, making all the molka chat gg abt Sr was her way to feel more powerful 😳

Android : VIPs against antis to protect BIGBANG

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Android : Acabo de leer todo lo que salió sobre el caso de Seungri y me hizo llorar de coraje. Toda la basura que inventaron sobre él, todo el odio que recibió, Dios! Solo espero que él le ponga una demanda a esa reportera y que pueda volver a retomar su vida.

iPhone : เป็นกำลังใจให้นะซึงรี🤧
คิดถึงมากกกก ความรู้สึกจากVIPคนนึงนะคะ
แค่ขอ อย่าท้อ🤕🤟🏻

Android : So apparently Seungri has nothing to do with this?? And you confirm it just 9 months later?!! I cant believe people, the real cause of this were haters, cyber bullies and netizens
#ApologizeToSeungri is trending, keep going VIPs!!!

Android : March 22, 2019
I’m just telling the truth, and I’m helping with the investigation as much as I can

August 28, 2019
I have told the truth and I will tell the truth for future as well


Android : Fuí victima de una Fake New, llamé a Seungri Violador por las falsas pruebas de la periodista Kang, y no investigué con mucha profundidad el caso, pido disculpas a VIP y a Seungri.