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iPhone : #artof2019 got a lot busier this year so i didnt get to make a lot of the big illustrations that i wanted to, but here are a few other pieces that i like! on to 2020 🎇

Twitter Web App : #Artof2019 I feel like I had a lot better output at the beginning of the year lol. Though Im content with my more recent stuff this year.

Twitter Web App : In 2019 I forgot how to draw and now all I can do is this.
Thank you

Twitter Web App : Why is everyone tweeting about #Artof2019 its only the first week of december AAAAAAA

Anyway heres Wonderwall. I mean my 4 fav pics this year. Theyre all Kanes. Even me. Im also a Kane.

iPhone : 🎉ART OF 2019🎊
This year i wasnt as productive as i would like to be, but i guess was better than previous ones? will try to make more next year! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

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