Twitter Web Client : WATCH | Julia Hartley-Brewer on top form tonight: If we dont get a deal, its because our wonderful friends in the EU want to punish us for having a democratic vote. If they want to punish us for having a democratic vote, why on Earth would anyone want to remain in that club?! #BBCQT

  • Start Video : People voted for Brexit, so Brexit is what they deserve

This audience member says she does not see a no-deal Brexit as a bad deal #bbcqt

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Media Studio : Thats my whole lifetime and I didnt vote on this

This audience member says she should not have to deal with the consequences of Brexit for the rest of her life #bbcqt

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iPhone : Your job was to make sure it didnt happen in the first place!

Barry Gardiner says he was astonished to hear Chris Grayling say he would ensure railway failings wouldnt happen again #bbcqt

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iPhone : .Chris Skidmore says he did not agree with Boris Johnsons comments on burkas and says the inquiry will run its course #bbcqt

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Twitter for iPad : Dear BBC News (UK) It’s time to get Jason J Hunter on to national programmes, such as BBC Radio 4 Today or #bbcqt. His level of understanding of trade and the impact on the U.K. of #Brexit is light years ahead of our politicians. He’s a real expert and we need them more thanever these days.…

Twitter for iPad : When Will Theresa May Tackle Islamophobia? and Support Baroness Warsi in Holding an Inquiry into Islamophobia in Her Party?
There is plenty of evidence to show that there are members of the Conservative party that are openly hostile to Muslims,and yet no inquiry?
#BBCqt #Marr

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iPhone : Brilliant stuff. “There isn’t any evidence for that Vince, I’m sorry”.

Watch as Camilla Tominey destroys Vince Cable on another Remoaner- packed #bbcqt panel.

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