iPhone : This time last year Mourinho was accused of killing MUFC with negativity, modeling a dire demeanor before a ball was even kicked. It didn’t rub off well on the players. Ole comes with a different approach to keep the peace and he gets slagged off... #GlazersOut

iPhone : Your Questions Answered
• Where next for Dani Alves?
• Whats going on with Dani Ceballos?
• Would Neymar prefer Barca or Madrid?
• Are Solskjaers players behind him?
• Man Utd reject Inter offer for Matic
• How will the Glazers handle #GlazersOut?

Twitter Web Client : Do research on what the Glazers spent on transfers from 2005-2013. Then calculate their net spending since 2005, calculate the monies removed from the club, calculate the money they spent upgrading OT since 2005. Then you'll see why the club is mediocre now.
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Twitter for iPad : K #GlazersOut عيب فينا ان نسينا

Twitter Web Client : At least the other clubs don't have an infamous accountant at the wheel, pretending to be a Director of Football. Not to mention the Board of Incapacity Manchester United.
Actually I pinch my arm every single day just to find out that the nightmare is for real.

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