Twitter Web App : Were excited to be joined by Darren Newman for our Employment Law update being held today. Just like the previous ones weve held in the past, were surely expectant for this to be an insightful and an interesting update!
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Twitter Web App : Robert Titlow Be interested in reading your thoughts if you blog about it Robert as I am sure my #HRHour and #LDInsight connections would be too!

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Android : Fair opportunity, fair promotion - Inclusion! Most common complaint for older workers is being overlooked / excluded (Qlearsite have strong data on this via language analysis).

If internal processes aren't fair, recruitment can't hope to compensate.


iPhone : Pick up the phone and talk to people rather than make huge assumptions about their motivations and ability levels #hrhour…

Twitter for iPad : This weeks first question:

Those aged 50-64 are 33% more likely than any other age group to remain unemployed in the long term.…

What can HR do to reduce the risk of age bias?


Android : The HR Hour HR can engage retired or ageing employees as specialist consultants who are on flexible work schedules.

It's called Returnships - experienced internship for ageing population.

The focus should be on their skill sets, mentoring, and helping them stay productive. #HRHour

iPhone : You know how some supermarkets have those sections for odd shaped fruit and veg. We call them imperfect picks.

Hiring managers should be taught that all hires are imperfect picks and to seek out fresh and tasty options not superficial ‘perfection’.

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Twitter Web App : Following my tongue in cheek question during #HRHour about Tweed Hoodies I did check out whether you can get one!

It appears you can!

Android : In the U.S., workers are delaying retirement more and more because of rising health care costs, etc. This makes age bias an increasingly important matter.