Twitter Web App : RIP Etika
Thank you for all the great moments you shared with us and thank you for this community you made. Ive been watching your channel since I was just a kid up until now and Im proud to be a and always will be a joycon boy. You will be missed #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER

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Android : We just want to announce we have successfully made the donation to the National Alliance On Mental Illness. NAMI

Thank you, everyone, for your love & support. 🖤


Twitter Web Client : #JOYCONBOYZ4LIFE #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER I fucking loved you Etika @ 999 idk how or if you'll see this, but I know you're up there. I've been watching you for three years, and when I heard the news a couple weeks ago, I was devastated.
You will forever be my favorite content creator.❤️👉💔

Android : Had Etika lived up to the #FinalFest, he would’ve certainly picked Team Chaos. Everyone on Team Chaos should do the man a favor and fight hard in his honor for this last Splatfest in Splatoon 2. Of course, the best of luck goes out to both teams. #EtikaForever #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER

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Android : Fly High Desmond. This is my tribute to your greatness. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER #JOYCONBOYZ #EtikaForever

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Android : He was a great Entertainer. One of the best streamers in the game. He lost a channel of over 800k subs and made a new one and was right back pulling thousands of viewers. Wherever he’s laid to rest I’ll be there. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER